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Essential oils are oil extracts of aromatic plants and are used for many applications – massage oils, candles, perfumes, shampoo, and other beauty and health products. Essential oils have varying uses – to uplift, heal and relax. There are actually over a hundred different kinds of essential oils. Here is just a short list

Apricot oil
This oil nourishes the skin, moisturizing it and invigorating it so that dry and tired skin is revitalized. Apricot massage oil is also helpful in relieving inflammations and irritations.
Avocado Oil
This oil can be used by itself or mixed with grape seed oil or almond oil. It is helpful for those who have skin problems such as psoriasis, sun damage or eczema. It is an effective moisturizer that nourishes the skin, softening it and giving it new life.
Cocoa butter
This is very sensual and rich, with chocolate undertones. Yummy! It is used to moisturize and treat dryness and stretch markets.
Grape seed oil
Infused with linoleic acid, Vitamin E, minerals and other proteins, grape seed oil is another great moisturizer. The linoleic acid regenerates our cell membranes and skin. You can use grape seed oil by itself or blend it with a carrier massage oil.
Jojoba oil
This is a popular moisturizer and can be readily seen as an ingredient for facial creams and shampoos. It can keep acne in check and works well with all kinds of skin.
Hazelnut oil
Another excellent moisturizer, this one tightens the skin and keeps it toned and refreshed. It also promoted the regeneration of cells and the strengthening of the capillaries.
Sesame oil
This essential oil is used extensively in Ayurveda massage, as it can detoxify and nourish the skin. It also relieves one of constipation, poor circulation, bloating, anxiety and dryness. It is best to blend this massage oil with a carrier oil as it is a thick oil which gives off a strong aroma and a greasy feeling when used on its own
Shea butter
This oil has similar properties as cocoa butter and is composed of the natural fat from the shea tree’s fruit. It is an excellent emollient and moisturizer and is effective in treating acne, dry skin, dark spots, pigmentations, burns, scars, eczema, and wrinkles. It softens the skin and strengthens the hair. It is absorbed quickly by the skin.
Wheat germ oil
This massage oil is particularly rich with essential fatty acids and vitamin E. It relieves and renews mature skin, making it look younger and tighter. It is used to treat stretch marks and scars.
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