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Because of the creation of a directory specifically for massage services, massage has been given a new highlight as compared to before where they had to go under other directories like massage parlors and FL dome, With this increased popularity, there has also been a bigger focus on different specifications for massage practitioners with jargon like HDLY (海底捞月), JG (抓根), Health Care Massage (保健推拿), Mosha (抹煞) and so on. Among these special massage service, the JG (抓根) id most popular in Singapore.



What is Real Manhood Massage(Juagen)?

Juagen(抓根) is also called Manhood massage which has a long history and it is completely illegal in most countries, such as in Singapore. Although linked to Tantra sexual practices, manhood massage is also called lingam massage, sometimes is offered surreptitiously by “legitimate” massage parlors and massage technicians. This is an energy work aims towards enhanced blood circulation and chi (sexual energy) flow. In the Tao of Sexology, sexual energy plays important role in supporting our physical and mental functions and improving health.

The Massage Parlors That Provide Manhood Massage(Juagen)

People who would like to enjoy the massage services often find themselves being offered “extras” by massage parlors, including full sexual services. The women employed in these massage shops are called masseuses(massage technicians), in reality are prostitutes, some of them can be found outside those unlicensed massage parlors waiting clients on the street. The massage technicians who can perform Juagen massage is usually range in age from 19 to 28 years old. unsuspecting patrons of massage parlors often are solicited for a massage that terminates in a “happy ending,’ a euphemistic description of orgasm. Masseuses who offer a “special service” to the clients usually are willing to perform sexual services. The cost of such services ranges between 50 and 100 SGD.

The Massage Techniques of Manhood Massage(Juagen)


The majority techniques of this massage seem to include pressing of the main few acupressure points - the thighs, slightly below the navel and below the scrotum (balls). During the pressing of the acupressure points, there would be some pain involved for some. It would also involve massaging the penis till close to the point of climax and then easing it back. During the massaging, the veins of your penis will be repeatedly stroked by the fingers as you feel a surge of blood to your little head.

Massaging the sexual organ (penis) has a dual purpose. One is a form of reflexology targeting the kidneys, liver, spleen-pancreas, lungs and heart. The other is to reshape the penis over time to the desired 'mushroom' shape. The overall massage on the lower abdomen, inner thigh and groin area would effectively promote the blood circulation, which brings nourishment to the sexual glands and organ. At the same time activating the numerous nerves ends surrounding the areas and organ.

The Benefits of Manhood Massage

  • It promotes and enhances blood flow to the lingam (male sexual organ) and related areas, but no medical evidence exists to support this claim.
  • Manhood massage can remove toxins from the body.
  • It is more specific and intensive, and benefits other parts of the body, and not just the lingam.
  • Cultivate man’s sexual energy which in turn re-energizes the body, enhances the immune system and promotes cells regeneration to slow down the aging process.
  • This massage is a holistic approach in maintaining one's sexual health and general well-being.

The Massage Technicians Provide Manhood Therapy in Singapore



Hi everybody, my name is Kacy, I’m a very sexy and very lovely massage girl from China, I will provide the highest quality massage and other service what you want to have for you in my apartment with a reasonable charges. I think you will be surprised with my special massage service, my specialty is: Breast Massage + Jua Gen + HDLY + HJ 1 shot, my charge is: $100 for 1hr. room included, so if you like me, just give me a call. I will wait for your coming.


Hello, boy, my name is tracy, I’m a very lovely massage girl from China, I’m beautiful and sexy, are you looking for a real Chinese massage, just come to find me, I will provide you a very professional Chinese massage, my massage service include: Tui Na/ Circulation/ Odourless Body Oil Massage and my specialty is Jua Gen + HDLY + HJ, my service attitude is really very nice. If you like me, just give me a call.


Hello, gentleman, I’m a petite Chinese massage girl with a slim and soft body, long hair and silky smooth skin. I love to help a man relax and it makes me feel good when he enjoys himself. I’m very sensitive to a man needs but if there any particular experience you want, you only have to ask me. I can provide you different kind of Massage such as Tui Na/ Circulation/ Odourless Body Oil Massage, my specialty is Breast Massage + Jua Gen + HDLY + HJ 1shot & CIM 1 shot. Total 2shots, my price is also not expensive: $120 for 1.5hr, room included.

The Massage Place Provide Manhood Therapy in Singapore

Park View Health Centre

As a massage parlor in the Holiday Inn Park View, Park View Health Centre possesses a wonderful inner environment and elegant decorations. The prices of services in the Park View Health Centre are affordable. Techinicans are skillful and provide tailored treatments according to clients' requirements.

Excelsior Health Centre

Excelsior Health Centre is a massage parlor located on the third floor of Excelsior Shopping Center in the Coleman Street. It possesses a group of skillful, experienced and hot masseuses who will provide you with an unforgettable massage experience. However, it is a pity that this massage parlor has closed down in 2012. Fees: $50 for HJ.

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