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MA-URI is a new form of massage introduced by Hemi Hoani Fox in 1990, who cites as its roots Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Nui dance, claiming increased so-called energy flow within the body and mind. Focus is internal, upon breathing, intent, and concentration. It is a modern embodiment of an ancient healing medium which focuses on health, healing, self-development and personal growth. What is unique in MA-URI massage is the dynamic use of movements, touch, and rhythm. Warm oil is applied to the body and long sweeping strokes are done with the forearms of the therapist massaging to Polynesian or other kinds of music. These strokes are combined with a special form of posture dance to generate the energy flow within and around the body.

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MA-URI massage is for the whole personality not just for a group of muscles. It pampers our body and soul and gives us back the joy of existence. It is a holistic medicinal system, what is stems from Polynesian traditions. This is a special massage for the past blockages of any kind (physical, mental, emotional or spiritual) knowledge and understanding available within you. The practitioner is in constant movement around the massage table following specific patterns of foot placement and body posture. The arms sweep over the body in long and continuous movements to the rhythm of the music creating a continuous flow and rhythm to cleanse, vitalise and activate innate healing properties memories and wisdom as held within the body, the mind and spirit of the person on the table.

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