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The knuckle baller is a handheld massage therapy tool that helps in the delivery of Swedish massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, trigger point, and cellulite reduction - every woman’s dream come true!

The device itself is composed of the alignment of four “Omni Directional Balls”. These directional balls are the magic behind the massage tool. “Omni Directional Balls” are also sold separately in larger sizes, but the knuckle baller combines four, smaller versions of the balls for a whole new experience. The four balls are aligned in a row running parallel to, and directly above, the “sure-grip” handle. They simulate larger versions of your own knuckles, hence the meaning behind their name. The knuckle ballers are available in a variety of primary and pastel colors, with eight color choices in total.

The knuckle baller allows you to deliver a powerful, deep massage to help stimulate blood flow, reduce muscle tension and pain, reduce swelling, and to promote healthy healing and flexibility. It is highly versatile as it has many applications and can be used during many different massage therapy techniques. Some of the application techniques include parallel, perpendicular, and trigger point styles.

Parallel application of the knuckle baller involves running the massage balls along the length of the muscle (parallel to the muscle). The amount of pressure applied during the massage depends on the user, and the knuckle baller can be moved in a twisted or circular motion. Circular motion applies a deeper massage to a specific target area.

A perpendicular application is when the knuckle baller is positioned so the massage balls run across the muscle (perpendicular to the muscle). The user applies strong, smooth strokes up and down the muscle to relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation. They can use one hand, or put both hands on the device to apply a more pressured massage.

Trigger point application of the knuckle baller involves tilting the tool upwards so that only one “Omni Directional Ball” is massaging the body at a time. The one massage ball is then positioned over a specific pressure point of the body and rotated in a circular motion to provide a deep massage. Stimulation of pressure points helps to relax and encourage energy flow through the entire body.

Knuckle ballers are simple hand-held massage tools that produce amazing results. They are easily the most versatile self-massage therapy tool as they have many therapy applications. They can be applied to all parts of the body and can even be applied in a reversed direction, with the “Omni Directional Balls” facing down in the palm of the hand. This position helps to reach all the areas of the body – and the knuckle baller feels exceptionally good on the feet!

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