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In general, the kidney’s natural ability in the body is to carry fluid, it is fond of heat and dislike cold. For someone to engage in intellectual work, and not move can lead to the body to become excessively ‘Yin’, ‘Yang’ would relatively become more weaker. This will come to have the person to appear short of energy, tired, absent-minded etc. Kidney Massage can ease fatigue of the people, it is very suitable for people who do a lot of mental work. This method is also suitable for maintaining good health for middle-aged and elderly people.

Why do We Need a Kidney Massage?

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With age, legs become weak first, then the lower back with the legs both become weak, this is actually caused by weakening of the ‘kidney chi’. Massaging the acupuncture point for the kidneys can directly stimulate the kidney’s efficacy. When it is massage regularly, naturally the lower back and will not look bent. TCM believes that the kidney, which plays an important role in human health, is the vital organ of human body. The application of the kidney maintenance massage can holistically keep the function of internal organs in balance, upgrade human immunity, help elimination of toxicant and maintenance of countenance, slow the aging process, invigorate people and enhance sexual function.

How to Perform Kidney Massage

  • In the soles of the feet before the midline springs of water points in the third intersection point, and that is when the foot down when the toe, foot dent before. Often springs of water massage acupuncture point, can arouse the qi of the kidney, the dredge kidney meridian, mingled with the blood of the kidney, adjust and improve the function of the kidneys and functional activity, make the person kidney essence is enough, alertness, energetic, and walking, powerful. Will thumb or finger tip of the index finger put in the heart in full springs of water hole, to rub up and back and forth, kneaded 100 times every day for appropriate.
  • The hole is too-gathering of the kidney qi "the Yangtze river". The point in NaHuai too pointed and between the Achilles tendon dent, is the point of the kidney, so the ancients says too creek acupuncture point as "one of the nine point back to Yang", think it is back to save the inverse reactive Yang. When massaging, don't get bogged down in the method, and five minutes or so every time.
  • Close yuan of acupuncture point-seal a true yuan in hiding. The kidney strong sun, with close yuan tonify deficiency profit loss functions. To find close yuan of acupuncture point is also very simple, in the middle of the human body online, from navel 4 refers to the volume down wide, is close yuan of acupuncture point. Massage, the first to close yuan to the right, left or right hand do clockwise and counterclockwise the dynamic 3 ~ 5 minutes. Then, with the breathing press close yuan of acupuncture point 3 minutes.
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The Benefits of Kidney Massage

Kidney Massage has specific effects on the different organ systems of the body. It helps by keeping the organ tissues healthy and enhances healing to improve the function of the system as a whole.

  • Massage, systemic and local on the kidney area, increases the circulation to and from the kidney thereby improving the filtration and elimination process.
  • Increases blood flow (to tissues and organs), which can relieve much muscular and joint pain (especially associated with swelling)
  • Increases kidney action to remove wastes of protein metabolism
  • Improves the flow of nutrients to muscles and joints, accelerating recovery from fatigue and injury
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