Job Duties of a Massage Therapist

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A massage therapist is not a medical doctor or chiropractor, but can often find them working on accident victims, clients with chronic health conditions, or even Olympic athletes.

Seeing Clients

Whether the client is a previous client or a new one, the massage therapist should make sure all the necessary paperwork is ready for them. The therapist also needs to make sure the treatment room is ready: warm table, clean linens and adequate lighting.

Keeping It Clean

A massage therapist should keep not only herself/himself clean, but also the treatment table and other massage equipments. Everything must be kept healthful. The massage therapist should wash their hands before and after doing a massage, changing linens after every massage, and using a disinfectant spray to clean the treatment table.

Taking Notes

The therapist should take notes on why the client is seeking a massage before the massage begins,. These are called SOAP notes, and they should pay attention to the complaint of the clients, anything of the clients, the therapist should observe very carefully. They should have an assessment of the client's condition and know what plan of action will be taken.

Continuing Education

Massage therapists must always have the extra training to keep their skills sharp and to learn new knowledge and techniques. In some places, continuing education is mandatory. Massage therapists should always be looking for ways to further their training and education, to increase their value to the clients.

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