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Inversion therapy tools are used for back stretching and back extension therapy where the body is inverted. The therapy works with gravity, rather than against it, to decompress the spine and stretch out all the muscles in the back. There are a host of other benefits of inversion therapy besides back pain relief. Some of these include improved posture, reduction of muscle tension and stress, increased flexibility and range of motion, maintenance of correct body shape, improved circulation, removal of the body’s toxins, increased mental and physical energy, and natural joint realignment and decompression.

The most common inversion therapy tools are inversion massage tables. Inversion tables function by strapping the feet into a pair of boots attached to the table, and then the body is inverted and suspended. “Gravity Boots” are often a part of the design, and they just supply extra support and comfort for the ankles rather than the simpler ankle clamps. The machines provide support to the back while inverted, as the whole table rotates on the hinges.


The inversion tables have a built-in set of training handles to allow for easy inversion of the body. The handles are fairly large and supply strong support for worry-free exercise. Once the body is fully inverted, the table can be locked into place while you perform you inversion exercises. Most tables can be preset to determine the angle to which the user wants to invert.

The tables are made of a sturdy steel frame to provide full support while inverted. It has an “A” shaped structure with non-slip rubber feet that do not scratch the floors. They have quick and easy assembly and can be folded flat for storage. The tables are fully adjustable and can easily accompany any average sized adult. Most inversion table equipment also comes with fully illustrated instructions manual or DVDs to show the user how to use the machine and teach them appropriate exercises.

Another form of inversion therapy tools are inversion bars. It is an alternative to the inversion table for those who live in a cramped environment and do not have a lot of free floor space. The inversion bar installs into a solid wood door frame and doesn’t interfere with the door itself. It is ideal for a variety of inverted exercises such as squats, crunches, and sit-ups. And when not being used as an inversion tool, it doubles as a chin-up bar.

The inversion bar is also made of a sturdy steel frame that adjusts to fit most doorways. The device includes locking brackets to provide optimal safety and support while inverted. Just like the inversion table, the user’s feet are strapped into the “Gravity Boots” that are securely attached to the bar. The hand grips are covered in foam to supply a non-slip surface for easy inversion and dismounting.

Inversion therapy tools are safe and effective and come with an extended warranty. It is a natural and safe way to relieve back pain and to prevent further muscle tension and injury. Inversion therapy tools and exercises will leave your body feeling strong and re-energized!

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