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Although the massage therapy is seen as an informal industry, you should still present yourself as a person who has gotten the professional knowledge and certification when you have an interview for a massage therapy job. Be prepared to the face-to-face interview and a massage interview that you will relate to the employer as a client. You should highlight the positive aspects of your education, experience and character during the interview.

  1. You should be on time, this is very necessary; you can speak far more about your commitment and professionalism than anything else you might say during the interview.
  2. Keep relax and smile. Be prepared with some best answers to some basic questions like what sort of massage therapy you have learned, where and when you received training.
  3. You can interview the employer. You should make sure that you have a clear understanding of the job you have applied and ask some necessary questions to the employers, such as: will you be an employee or an independent contractor? Will the employer provide all the clients, or will you be required to drum up your own?
  4. You should dress in business casual or professional. Slacks and a nice shirt are appropriate, or a modest, professional dress is another option for women.
  5. Prepare to do a massage interview after the face to face interview, you should treat the employer as if she were a typical client. Make sure to go through all the steps, including intake and education, before the actual massage. You should remember that you're a professional.
  6. You should prepare a copy of your resume in hand, even if you don't have work experience as a massage therapist. You can list your credentials and any practical experience or training you have had as a student in the massage school. The letters of recommendation from previous employers is also very important for your interview, even if they had nothing to do with massage therapy, it may also highlight positive aspects of your dependability.
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