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China Academy of Chinese Medial Science was formally established in Dec. 19th, 1955.It is a comprehensive scientific research, and medical teaching institution directly under the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Approved by Beijing Adult Education Bureau of Dongcheng District, China Academy of Chinese Medial Science Hua Tuo Training School was established in 1988, and it is a checked traditional Chinese Medical Science Training Center.

School Strength

For years the school has been carrying out the basic theory of TCM in Beijing and extensively throughout China. With holographic meridian scrapping teaching for bibcock, the school opened the medical professional examinations test counseling training of TCM clinical skills of medical practitioners, and does vocational skills of holographic meridian scrapping, dieticians, counselor, acupuncture and moxibustion, massage, cosmetic tins. Only holographic meridian scrapping skill training has attracted 20 million students.

The school has been broadcasted by CCTV, the Central People's Broadcasting Station, Beijing Television Station, People's Daily Overseas Edition Chinese Medicine, and Health Times. Besides, it was submitted by CCTV, Health Column for Health Education Programs, which brought in enormous response and attention. This project has been listed as social and national labor safeguard ministry vocational skills training programs, and experts of the school were appointed to compile outline and materials.

Teaching Program

Hua Tuo Training School now has five occupational qualification certifications: health management, reflexology, health care, insert and scrapping, and testing flow. Besides, it also has "traditional" skills, CETIC "four new" certificate, Chinese skills international authentication and other vocational skills training course. Hua Tuo training school has 3 characteristic training programs, which are dynamic fix let TCM acupuncture, cosmetic surgery, dynamic balance Jane's body meridian health therapy electric control, etc.

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