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Some studies have shown that the massage can reduce stress, enhance immunity, improve the metabolism and relieves pain from everyday’s work and life. Just 30 minutes on the table or even 10 minutes in a chair can help you to get the enough energy of walking a long way that you make sure your needs are met. Here are some tips for your reference to help you get the best massage in China.

Whether you’re looking for a massage which can reduce your aches or can relieve a stiff neck, selecting a certified massage therapist who can meet your specific needs will be the first step to help you get a good massage, so you should try your best to find the most experienced certified massage therapists in your area.

Before the massage begins, you should mention some parts of your body where you may feel sensitive, tight or painful, because these places should be treated with the particular massage treatment. As many person know that most massage isn’t painful, although you may feel the moderate pressure on your body, it is still very necessary to provide optimal therapeutic benefits on your body. Sometimes you may feel a little uncomfortable, it is very normal because you’re new to massage. Don’t be shy when you are getting a massage, a good therapist should welcome to your requests.

Remember to pick your massage products; in general, it’s acceptable to bring your own lotion or oil, especially if you have sensitive skin, sensitive nose, or a condition like eczema or psoriasis. You can also ask the therapist to show you her products and discuss the options with her; maybe their products are not fit for you or maybe their products are free to use. The different products are for different types of massage, so you should make a good option for them.

If you have gotten a cold or a migraine, you should ask for rescheduling your massage time. The massage will stimulate your circulation, which could leave you feeling worse. If you’re a little stuffy or just find it difficult to breathe when lying face-down, ask to lie on your side. An experienced therapist can perform most techniques this way, or she can work on your upper back, neck, and shoulders while you’re in a sitting position.

At last, you may need to know that there’s no medical reason for avoiding a massage during your period. In fact, it can ease PMS symptoms like cramps and backache. But if you’re worried about heavy bleeding, just wait a few days.

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