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It will be very nice to have a massage and it will be even nicer when you don't need to pay for it. Talk with your partner and see if he is into an exchange and the children can also be good at giving free massages.

  1. Look into community programs and local hospitals. They also offer free massages at times so the people who are interested in learning can get experience in their field.
  2. Talk to your partner. Make a schedule for free massages. One night may be your turn and the next night his turn. Alternatively you can set up a massage schedule nightly--8 to 9 p.m. can be your turn and 9 to 10.
  3. Check out message boards in order to see if you can find a partner to exchange massages with if you don't have a partner who is willing to give and get massages. There is a site listed in the resource section to get you started.
  4. Add the task of giving you a massage to your children's chores. This can be a substitution for something they already do or an additional chore.
  5. Take a tennis ball and put it into a sock. Swing the sock over your shoulder so the tennis ball is hanging down. Lean into a wall and start moving. Continue to rub the ball against your back until you have worked out the cricks. This is an alternative to having someone give you a massage, and it's still free.
  6. Find a massage school. You may have to schedule these since they may only offer them at certain times, so check with the school to see if you can get an appointment.
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