How to Get a Foot Massage in Taiwan

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There is no better place to find a foot massage than Taipei, Taiwan, where foot treatment is regarded as a national pastime. Massage for Chinese medicine in Taipei is home to fantastic holistic treatments, including the foot massage.

  1. You can find a great place near your hotel, local people can give you some suggestions for you, but if you have any doubts on the consult results, you can choose to buy a guide book or search the internet.
  2. The transportation for looking for a good foot massage in Taipei is very convenient, taxis are plentiful and inexpensive in Taipei, but the MRT subway system is one of the best in Asia. So you can find some massage place near the MRT subway, Ask your concierge if the spot you will go to is near an MRT station.
  3. You should know what treatment is right for you. Many foot massage spas will provide you the English menus if you are not a local person, but you can also have your mandarin-speaking friend write out what you would like. Most foot massage spas in Taiwan offer a variety of treatments such as reflexology, acupuncture and Chinese cupping.
  4. People in Taiwan are friendly and modest; if you really don’t know the detailed massage place, they can go out of their way to assist you with taxis and directions and the tipping is not a usual custom in Taiwan. You can tip those people who go out of their way, but don't be surprised if they refuse.
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