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Hot and cold therapy pillows are a great way to achieve easy relaxation. Hot and cold therapy pillows are versatile and can be used on many different parts of the body including the neck, back and feet. Therapy pillows are often recommended by doctors to help patients recover from many different types of surgery, sprains, and aches and pains. They can also just be used to achieve neck and back comfort.

Hot and cold therapy pillows have pockets and spaces in them for the insertion of gel packs. The gel packs can be heated by placing them briefly in the microwave, or can be cooled by leaving them in the freezer for about ten minutes. Most gel packs maintain their temperature for a few, good long hours. Also if the pillow is well insolated, this will help keep the pillow hot or cold for an even longer period of time.

Another form of hot and cold therapy pillows are buckwheat pillows. These pillows are filled with all natural buckwheat hulls and are frequently recommended by physicians for providing effective relief from back pain, neck pain, sleeplessness, and muscle tension. The buckwheat pillows are hypoallergenic and can be used as a form of hot or cold therapy. Simply place the whole pillow in the microwave or freezer. They can also be machined washed and dried when necessary.

For an even more special treat, some hot and cold therapy pillows contain a massage feature. This usually comes in the form of a vibrating massage mechanism that is either built-in to the pillow or can be inserted. Controlling the massage feature is easily managed by a simple on-off switch so that you can use the pillow with or without the vibrating massage.

The outside of the therapy pillow is covered in a soft, firm yet comfortable layer of material to provide you with the ultimate comfort. Others have a satin smooth covering - it all depends on what type of pillow you prefer. To wash the pillows you just remove the gel packs and any vibrating motors.

The pillows are available in a number of different shapes and sizes. Some are designed specifically for neck support and pain relief because they are in a “U-shape” that wraps around you neck and supports your head. Others are a simple rectangle shape and can be used on various parts of the body. You can even find bath pillows that are designed for relaxing in a warm bubble bath.

Therapy pillows are a great addition to anyone’s everyday routine. Hot and cold therapy pillows can be used in the car, at work, during the night, or any other time when you need some time to relax.

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