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Hot and cold stones are traditionally used during a hot stone massage therapy. They are based on the ancient traditions of Chinese medicine to help relax and heal your mind, body, and soul. The therapeutic stones are famous for their magical heating properties -metamorphic stones, such as the ones used for hot stone therapy, have special properties in that they can maintain a steady temperature for long periods of time.

The hot and cold stones are hand carved and polished by a trained craftsman to achieve a smooth, shiny surface. Each of the stones has been carved to the perfect size and shape - one side of the stone has a raised and rounded surface for acupressure purposes, while the other side is designed to contour the body - making them perfect for deep massage treatment. The stones also vary in size, from fairly small stones for the face and toes, to larger stones for the back and legs.


The exact number of massage stones that come in a kit will vary between products, but they all contain a number of large massage stones, large wellness stones, small wellness stones, body stones, palm stones, and stones for the fingers and toes. The massage stone kit will come with a full instruction guide on the many ways to use the stones.

They can be used either hot or cold, and heating and chilling instructions are included with every massage stones therapy kit. Typically the stones are heated by placing them in hot or warm water for a short period of time. Or, they can be chilled by placing them in the refrigerator until the desired temperature is reached. Some massage stone kits even come with a water basin that will heat the water and the stones to approximately 50 degrees Celsius. A pair of wooden tongs is included for the safe removal of the stones from the water basin.

They can be used as mini heating pads or ice packs by simply placing them on the parts of the body that are aching, in pain, swelled, or just need to be warmed or cooled. They can also be used as part of a therapeutic and relaxing massage. The hot and cold stones are effective in providing relief from arthritis, headaches, swollen puffy eyes, muscle and joint pain, and cold feet and hands.

Body stones feel extremely pleasuring and warming when placed all over the body. You could modify the experience by using a combination of hot and cold stones to achieve a whole new range of sensations. The stones are great as massage tools as well. You simply apply a little massage oil to the stone and then rub it all over the body. Hot and cold stones are a great way to start your day feeling refreshed and peaceful, or to relax after a hard days work.

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