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Most heated foot massagers are pretty high tech pieces of massage equipment. That is, they have many different functions, speeds, heating options, massage actions, and can be a bit pricey. But in the long run, they’re definitely worth it.

Some heated foot massagers use a system of infrared lamps to warm up those tired tootsies. The heat element of the massager makes the massage experience much more pleasurable, and it’s as simple as placing your feet on the heated massage pads. The massagers usually come with the option of different heating levels and have an automatic shutoff somewhere between ten to 20 minutes. They also have built-in heat sensors that will automatically turn off the machine if it gets too hot.

The massager provides a strong yet gentle rhythm of vibrating, spiral wave massage that relaxes your tired, tense muscles. The massage pad on the machine is specially designed to stimulate the reflex points of the feet. They come with many different massage speed options as well as a variety of different massage modes. Some massagers even have preset massage programs that vary the speed and mode automatically during your massage. It couldn’t get much easier than this! The system has a series of different massage nodes to target specific areas on your foot that need some special attention.

Foot massages are beneficial to the whole body. Through foot massage blood circulation increases, fatigue and stress are diminished, and energy and relaxation are restored to your body.

Some foot massagers have a rather large design so that they can also be used on other parts of the body besides only the feet. The calves, thighs, stomach, hips, and lower back can be targeted with the heated massager, so you will certainly get your money’s worth.

Furthermore, foot massagers are available in a much less technological version. Heated massage boots are another way of enjoying a rejuvenating massage experience. You simply slip your feet into the boot shaped massager and sit back and relax. The boots are usually made of a warm fleece material and have a built in heater. The fleece is used to help retain most of the heat. The massage device in the boot helps to relieve tension and provide pain relief. Both the massage and heat functions of the boots are controlled by remote control, making it really easy to maintain control over your massage. The linings of the boots are removable and machine washable, helping to keep your foot massager fresh and hygienic.

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