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Harmony balls are a part of traditional Chinese therapies and medicine. According to ancient theories, each finger on the hand acts as a channel for the flow of vital life energy. The use of harmony balls serves to increase blood circulation, stimulate the acupressure points, relax the muscles and joints of the hands, and encourage energy flow through the entire body. They have been considered “treasures” because of their ability to enhance the general health and well-being of those who use them.


Harmony balls are sold as a pair, and each set comes in their own beautifully decorated and lined box for safe keeping. They are usually made of some type of metal and their size range approximately between two and a half, to five and a half centimeters in diameter. However, you can also get ones that are larger than this. Original harmony balls were made out of solid metal, and so they were quite heavy and more expensive. However, most harmony balls today are hollow, and now include a sound plate. One of the balls will produce a sound that is a high tone, while the other will produce a low tone.

Each harmony ball is a work of art in and of itself. Usually the two balls in a set share the same design theme. Examples of harmony ball themes are zodiac symbols, yin-yang symbols, and the sun and moon. They are hand painted and quite visually beautiful. Some people collect harmony balls strictly as works of art, rather than as a handheld massage tool. Of course, there are some balls that do not have any special design painted on them, but instead are the shiny metal itself.

Harmony balls are used by rotating and manipulating them about through your fingers and palm of your hand. The actual exercise will seem quite awkward and difficult at first, but once you gain a lot of practice, it will become a skill. To make the exercises easier, the user should not choose a size of ball that is too large for their hands, as the exercise involves passing the one ball between the fingers and then eventually switching it with the other ball that remains in the palm. They are either rotated in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction and during the exercises the two balls are never supposed to touch one another.

Be sure to be careful when first performing the harmony ball exercises because dropping the balls on a hard surface can damage them. They should be kept in a cool, dry place and avoid knocking the two balls together.

The purpose of the exercises is to keep all the pressure points of the hand in constant motion, while also working the muscles of the fingers and forearms. Harmony balls are good for improving strength and health, while reducing stress and encouraging relaxation.

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