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One thing about massage is that it is not only help you reach luxury relaxation, but also bring long-lasting advantages to your health condition. Living in a monotony life, it is necessary to enjoy the pleasure brought by massage therapy. Offering safe and therapeutic touches, these massage treatments bring long-term benefits as well as emotional and physical healings.


Solo Massage(古源SPA) Gu Yuan Spa is located near Wensan Road. The well-decorated place features professional therapists and nice staffs. The excellent services here include spa treatments, Korean relaxation, full body oil massage, full body skin scrub and tuina massage. You only need to book 2 hours in advance. Per capital consumption is about RMB151. Free fruits and tea are served after the therapies.

Ba Ping Tang Zhen杭州.jpg

Ba Ping Tang Zhen(汤瓶八诊) Situated near the Zhejiang University Purple Gold Port School in Xihu District, the Ba Ping Tang Zhen is decorated with elegant furnishings. The spacious place houses well-experienced therapists, providing services such as meridian therapy, full body massage, tuina massage and others. Room are with dark colors, which is perfect for massage treatments after the light out. There is absolutely no sale promotion. Per capital consumption is about RMB157.

Qing Mai Foot Massage.jpg

Qing Mai Foot Massage (清迈足道) Qing Mai Foot Massage, located on the third floor of the Xingdu Hotel, is close to the Wulin Square, enjoying a convenient location in Xiacheng District. Featuring Thai style decorations, the place is usually less crowded after noon. Therapists are professional and talkative. With proper strength, you can relax easily. Free parking is available. Per capital consumption is about RMB61.

Shannana Foot Massage.jpg

Shannana Foot Massage(姗娜娜足浴) Shannana Foot Massage San Qiao Branch is a simple, elegant and upscale top-level Foot Bath Club which contains foot bath, massage and Spa. It is founded on April 3, 2010 and located near Chinfook Restaurant. It has a business area of 1000 square meters with 25 foot bath rooms and 10 massage rooms and can accommodate 100 customers. The masseurs here are very professional and are of great skills. They can provide many services, such as original ecological foot massage, Chinese massage, Health foot massage, Continental pushed oil, Essential open back....

Qiantang Fengqing Foot Massage.jpg

Qiantang Fengqing Foot Massage(钱塘风情足浴按摩) The Qiantang Fengqing Foot Massage is close to the Yintai. The place is one of the most comfortable venues in Jianggan District. The interior decoration is classic and refined. The staffs will greet you warmly when you step into the place. All the products used in this place are high-end. In addition to the foot massage, the place also provides services such as oil massage, back massage and others. Per capital consumption is about RMB94.

Big Feet Ancestor.jpg

Big Feet Ancestor(大足神农) As a nationwide chain store, the Big Feet Ancestor enjoys a great reputation. The Big Feet Ancestor Shangtang Road branch is close to the Shenlan Square. With middle class decoration, the place looks clean and nice. The therapists here are professional and are of great techniques. Per capital consumption is about RMB87.

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