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Handheld massagers help you to deliver a deep, penetrating massage to yourself or a friend. Numerous times we have stopped a massage short before full relaxation is reached because our hands have gotten too tired to continue. That's where hand massagers can lend a helping hand.

Giving an extended strong massage to someone can leave your hands and wrists tired and sore, but hand massagers help to prevent this. One such example of a handheld massager is the Hand Wizard. The hand wizard is a set of handheld massagers that will flex to work out even the toughest of knots. The massagers are shaped in the form of hands and they fit comfortably into your very own hands to deliver a massage. They have raised nodes on the fingers and palms to provide tired muscles with deep tissue relief. The massaging hands come in a regular form and also a vibrating version. The vibrating hand massagers have a battery operated vibrator that delivers soothing, stress-relieving sensations. The hand wizards are made of a durable, flexible plastic and they come in a variety of fun colors.


Handheld massagers come in all shapes, styles, and sizes, and each one specializes in delivering a specific type of massage. Some of them are specially designed for trigger pressure and acupressure therapy. These tools provide pressure to the trigger points of the body for effective relief from muscles aches and pains. An example of hand massagers that focus on trigger point therapy is orbit massagers. The orbit massager is a hand held device that fits right in the palm of your hand. The tool contains a directional massage ball that is perfect for targeting and relieving the pain of trigger points. The knuckle baller hand massager is another such tool that functions on the same trigger point principles.

Facial massagers are another type of handheld massager that stimulate facial skin and encourage blood flow and absorption of moisturizers. Typically, facial massage is considered to be an anti-aging beauty treatment, but facial massagers have been known to relax facial and eye muscles, as well as ease neck pain. Overall, the result of facial massage is improved circulation and better skin elasticity resulting in healthier, glowing skin.

Other hand massagers are based on the principles of reflexology. One example is the Chinese harmony balls, which focus on the traditions of hand reflexology and energy balancing. The idea is that by rotating the harmony balls through your fingers, they stimulate the various reflex points in the hands and improve the circulation of the chi, or life energy. They massage the hands and ultimately the mind, body, and soul.

Hand massagers also come in a variety of vibrating massagers. These handheld massaging wands are great for providing a deep massage to all areas of the body. They’re great for self-massage or for giving a massage to a friend. There is either a massaging ball or flat massaging plate on the ends of the wands that deliver the intense vibrations. They have adjustable extended-reach handles, and interchangeable massage heads for a customizable massage experience. Some come with various massage styles - such as vibrating, pulsing, or kneading - and may even have a heat feature.

Hand held massagers are a great way to deliver long, powerful massages without causing any pain to the person giving the massage. With so many to choose from, hand massagers add amazing new sensations to your ordinary massage routine.

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