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Guoyujinfang (Beijing) International Medical Research Institution was founded in 1988, which has been admitted by the relevant national government. This school engages in medical research, technical service and consultant, technology transfer and training, enterprise image scheme and cultural communication. It’s such a comprehensive institution which aims at improving medical creativity and brings up more medical elites and focuses on the international communication and trade.

School Strength

In the past years, Guoyujinfang (Beijing) International Medical Research Institution has established good partnership with many famous institutions, such as Chinese International Doctor Enrollment Association, China Health Care Association, China International Talent Development Center, IARI and any others.

Guoyujinfang Research Institution holds some long-term advanced training classes in many items, for instance, scraping therapy, cupping, massage, foot therapy, pedicure, mental health physicist, nutrition health physicist, healing health physicist, women and children health physicist. Till now, there are over 30,000 students and more than one hundred joint units.

Teaching Program

The special teaching items involve liquid acupuncture, TCM weight-losing, TCM acupuncture course, TCM weight-losing and beautifying, TCM facial beautifying, massage, cupping, foot therapy course and so on.

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