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There are many good massage centers with the great reputations, affordable prices, and excellent masseuses in Wuhan, it may be able to cure your nagging back pain or release some of your stress. It’s time to start to look for some nice places you can go to get a massage. It should be noted that Wuhan people love massages, if you have b business in Wuhan and your associate ask you if you want to get a foot massage, you can say “yes” because foot massages in Wuhan are a common social activity. If you have extremely ticklish feet, you can still agree to go but do a body massage instead.

It should also be noted that just about every massage parlour in the Wuhan area offers widely similar techniques, but at different prices due to location, brand recognition, and quality of their staff. Lower prices may lead you to a place off the beaten path sure, but in an environment which might require you to get a tetanus shot. Also, typical forms of treatment you can expect to find are: Cupping (a traditional Chinese medial technique that creates a vacuum within a small glass cup to remove impurities from the body), full body massage, and foot massage. Some places, like Jia Fu Fu Qiao, offer Thai massage and the Japanese ‘walking’ technique style massages. So before you go, know what you want and then find the place that offers you exactly what you’re in the mood for. Below are some professional massage places that can offer visitors a much needed massage.

Jai Fu Fu Qiao Health Club

This is a very interesting, upper-tier, massage location in Wuhan with several outlets to select from. It is very famous for its foot massages, which are slightly pricey. It also offers Thai and the Japanese walking massage techniques. The Thai massage is a combination of massage and yoga so you do get thrown about helpless like a rag doll. It should also be noted that this place rarely offers discounts, but you could get a VIP card to save you money if you intend on going back regularly. Prices vary between 60 to 200 RMB.

  • Add: 265 Jichanghe, Qingnian Lu, Jianghan District, Wuhan
  • 地址: 武汉市江汉区青年路机场河265号嘉颐公寓1楼
  • Tel: 027 8360 0979
  • Opening hours: 24 hours

Da Tang Mu Zu 大唐沐足

This is an extremely popular brand in Wuhan and has several key locations around the city. The interior is clean, the staff professional and patient, and you can book various types of massages ranging from the infamous foot massage to full body. They also offer some traditional style techniques such as cupping and a few even have acupuncture. When coming here, Chinese is helpful because most of the staff doesn’t speak English beyond the usual "Hello," "How are you," and "Goodbye." But of course that’s not enough to explain what service you want, the price, or to inform the masseuse to use less pressure. Massages here last anywhere between 60 minutes and longer depending on the type you booked and the time you go. If you come late and don’t want to go home afterwards, you can pay extra money to sleep and shower there which is why if you look at the picture the word ‘hotel’ is shown along the side of the building. During the massage you will be offered the usual free cup of tea and some fruit (watermelon or orange wedges). Like the aforementioned place, Da Tang Mu Zu does not offer discounts. If you want to save money get the VIP card. Prices are between 50 to 200 RMB.

  • Add: 6 Fenghuangcheng, Beihu Xi Lu, Jianghan District, Wuhan
  • 地址: 武汉市江汉区北湖西路凤凰城6号(近三丰加油站)
  • Tel: 027 8555 5211
  • Opening hours: 24 hours

Zhu Le Mu Zu 竹乐沐足

It is located in Hankou and is constantly praised for its services, affordable prices, and excellent massages. Prices are based on level of treatment you want; the basic level is only 55 RMB for a 70 minute massage. Price goes up from there, of course, but the highest is only 65 RMB. You can also get combination massage packages and those range from 100 to 120 RMB. If you work up an appetite while enjoying the cozy atmosphere and excellent massage, you can also enjoy their buffet or order food directly to your room. Since they are connected to a famous Wuhan restaurant chain, the Green Tea, their food is delicious and, most importantly, not excessively expensive. It is located in the key shopping area of Hankou and positioned inside the World Trade Plaza.

  • Add: 686 Jiefang Dadao, Jianghan District, Wuhan
  • 地址: 武汉市江汉区解放大道686号世贸广场8楼(近武商路)
  • Tel: 027 8544 9666
  • Opening hours: 11:00-23:00
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