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The Introduction of Foot Massage

Foot massage is a simple, cheap and effective method to relax your body and mind. It is based on the tenets of foot reflexology and involves applying pressure on key points in the foot to get benefits. A qualified medical professional can put strain on distinct meridians or energy lines on the sole and side in the feet to find out the illness of the body in China. The following will introduce the foot reflexology.


What will Do Before Getting a Foot Massage?

The delicate music can be supplied as the right catalyst to have you while in the mood to get a foot massage. You will find numerous lotions and oils that may be utilized for any foot massage. Nevertheless, the therapist will suggest the use of vital massage oils to achieve an calming foot massage. To begin with you should ensure that the feet are clean, a foot soak with epsom salts is a wonderful approach to de-stress ahead of getting a foot massage. Make sure that your feet are fully dry ahead of you start.

Foot Massage Strategies:


This technique stimulates the blood vessels in your feet and promotes gentle heat. Hold the foot in your hands and start to massage the surface on the foot. Use your thumbs inside a slow, stroking movement, starting up in the toes and moving as much as the ankle. As soon as you might have reached the ankle adhere to exactly the same line back for the toes. Make sure you apply lighter stress in direction of the toes than the ankle.

Ankle rotation

Gentle move the ankle side to side to loosen the ankle joint. Hold the heel on the foot in a cupping motion and hold the ball in the foot using the other hand. Rotate the foot clockwise and anticlockwise 3 or 4 instances to loosen up the foot through the ankle joint, reversing the instructions will calm and de-stress your senses. Ensure you perform this method gently.



Gently hold the foot within your hand and utilize the other hand to massage the sole from the foot with your thumb. Commence using the region right under the large toe and gradually move for the other toes. Following preliminary pressure, roll the thumb back and forth. It could be seen as wiggling the thumb. Release strain, and move. Pivoting can be aN extremely comforting especially if you differ the quantity of stress currently being applied to your ball in the foot.


Knead the thumb or finger suggestions back and forth about the sole of the foot. Kneading utilizes the knuckles at the second joints. "Knead" the spot like dough with huge pressing, rotating movements. Bear in mind the foot is not as adaptable as dough, so you should be gentle.

Finger Strolling

Visualize the foot being a series of squares the size of the 2nd toe. Stroll your fingers horizontally, one particular square for the upcoming, then down to your subsequent row of squares.


What are the Benefits of Foot Massage?

This foot massage has been practiced for many centuries for its various benefits. Our feet contain greater than 7,000 nerves. By stimulating them gently you can get pleasurable and relaxing sensations.

  • Foot massage can help to relive anxiety and induce deep relaxation.
  • Foot massage reduces stress and facilitates unimpeded blood flow throughout the body.
  • A relaxing foot massage can facilitate homeostasis and optimum functioning of the body’s systems.
  • Foot massage removes blockages to enable proper energy flow throughout the body. This can give you more energy and vitality to perform daily tasks.
  • Foot massage heals and relaxes our body and mind, and protects against stress-related ailments.
  • A sensual foot massage can be the ultimate foreplay. Rub your partner’s feet in a loving, nurturing, relaxing and sensual manner to share love and affection with him/her.

The Difference Between Foot Massage and Reflexology


The aim of reflexology is to balance the flow of energy around the body by stimulating reflex points on the feet /'s based on the theory that certain points on the feet correspond to certain organs and body parts and that applying pressure to the areas can promote health in the corresponding parts.

The aim of Foot massage is to relax the client and relieve pressure by rubbing the muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, and joints of the feet. it is similar to Swedish massage, the most common type of massage in North America. People typically use massage oil or lotion and use gentle gliding strokes all over the foot.

Some Reputable Foot Massage Places in Asia

In Shanghai(China)

Congen Massage Healthcare Club(Xietu Road)

This massage shop is very quiet, you can be easy to find this massage shop in Xietu road,. The decoration of this massage shop has a bit of a Thai style wnich is antique, the part of the corridor composed of wood floors and rain flower stones inlaid; the room lights can adjust light and shade, there are relaxing music and essential oil fragrance. the waiter attitude is very nice, the project and the characteristics of "drawing". The massage technologies from all massage therapists are "good". There are free fruit, snacks you can enjoy after the massage session.

Yi Zu Dao

This massage shop is located in Bei’ai road, the massage technicians in this massage shop are very nice, beautiful, sexy ang young, they can provide you some special massage service, he service attitude is also very nice, they know how ro make you feel comfortable, so if you feel very tired, you can go and have a try.

Kang Ting Foot Massage Club

Kang Ting Foot Massage Club is also known as Chang An Ge. This massage center was located in Xuhui District, providing warm services and good massage.The environment is clean and comfortable, you will be quite relaxed here. They provide foot massage, traditional chinese massage, oil massage and so on. NO.6 and 39 are recommendable, they have accurate massage manipulation and strong power, removing all your tiredness. Free tea and fruits are available for customers during their massage.

In Beijing(China)

Ruo Shi Foot Massage(Tongzhou)

The Ruo Shi Foot Massage Tongzhou branch is close to the Agricultural Bank of China. The massage center has been in the business for some years, providing excellent with reasonable price. Featuring antique interior decorations and refined and clean environment, the place offers services such as foot massage, oil massage, shoulder massage, meridian massage, and other massage services.

Zuji Spa Health Hall(MaiziDian)

The Zuji Spa Health Hall is specialized in foot care treatments. The leisure venue features nice ambiance and clean environment. The professional therapists are of great techniques. Services provided here are traditional Chinese medical therapy, back massage, neck massage, shoulder massage, foot massage, acupressure and others. With refined decorations and harmonious colors, the place creates a comfortable atmosphere for guests to relax.

Zhong He Tang(Jianguomen)

The Zhong He Tang Jianguomen branch is located on the second floor of the Tailaoshan International Business Hotel. The place is refined and the setting is pretty nice. The therapists are kind and professional. Featuring traditional Chinese style, the place provides services such as foot massage, full body massage, traditional Chinese massage and healthcare massage. Per capital consumption is about 55RMB.


In Hong Kong(China)

Gaos Foot Massage

Located in 15/F, Century Square, Gao’s Foot Massage Co is a very traditional massage place which has more than 40 seats capacity and 8 rooms for body massage. We can provide very relaxing environment with heating pad that relax your shoulder; bird sounds background during the massage along with high quality rose red tea. You can enjoy many services in our center, such as Medical Body Massage, Aroma Body Massage, Lymphatic Body Massage, Cupping / Scraping, Reflexology (Foot Massage), Pedicure (Shanghai style) and Ear Candling.

Fortune Foot Reflexology

Fortune Foot Reflexology was located in the Central, it is a professional masssage parlor providing you with enjoyable massage service and welcoming atmosphere. There are many massage chairs for customers, coupled with free WIFI, it is definitely a great place for a short stay and relax yourself. The decoration is elegant and simple, the therapists are skillful and attentive, foot massage, full body massage and traditional chinese massage are available to unwind you and remove the tiredness.

ZENturium Foot Spa

The ZENturium philosophy is combining the art of hand and foot reflexology with therapeutic spa treatment, creating a balance between body and mind. We understand the importance of your well being and believe in improving the harmony of all senses. We offer a full range of hand and foot spa treatments, including reflexology treatments, wraps, exfoliation, masks, massages, manicures and pedicures. All our spa products are made from natural ingredients and we use the Pattrena collection in all our treatments.

In Manila

Spada Wellness Center (massage & spa)

Spada Wellness Center (massage & spa) is located in the Pasay City. It provides different kinds of massage services, such as Spada Massage, Swedish Massage, Shiatsu Massage,Spada Foot Massage and so on. The body care, foot care, body wash and skin treatments in this shop will bring you a distinctive experience of enjoying massage.

Nuat Thai Foot & Body Massage

NUAT THAI Foot and Body Massage originated from Cebu City and started last January 2005. It provides relaxation and easing stress to the 20th Century modern workers. This is unique in the sense that the massage is a dry massage applying acupressure to our body, relieving muscle aches and pains, anti-aging, improves blood circulation and relief of stress. NUAT THAI Foot and Body Massage provides purely authentic Thai massage and Thai aroma therapy.

In Singapore

Xi Yuan Foot Spa

Xi Yuan Foot Spa's soothing and revitalizing foot reflexology treatment is infused with Chinese Herbs that encourage blood circulation especially good for cold feet. Xi Yuan Foot Spa offers a variety of massage treatments, including Foot Massage, Foot Scrub, Body Massage, Cupping Therapy and Scrape Therapy. Now Xi Yuan Foot Spa have afternoon promotion for body massage and foot massage, which is from 11am-6pm, Monday to Thursday only.

Zufu Foot Reflexology

Located at Beach Road, Zufu Foot Reflexology is a professional massage parlor focuses on your whole body, including back, front part and foot. Therapists here are well trained and their massage skills are good, especially one therapist who can provide you very good foot and body massage. Foot reflexology helps in improving blood circulation in the body and improving blood circulation to various body parts. Zufu Foot Reflexology offers you comfort and wellness.

Some Reputable Foot Massage Places in Dubai

Mist Spa(Jumeira Branch)

Well-versed in the muscle-mending methods and ache-averting approaches through a gamut of techniques, the expert soothers of Mist Spa will gladly provide clients needed relief and escape from stress and tension bequeathed by the daily grind. Offering a variety of treatments and massage services designed to comfort and relieve muscle, nerve and body tension, this high-end villa spa is an ideal refuge for worn out.

Mary Foot SPA (JBR )

Mary Foot Spa was established in 2005. This is one of the branches in JBR, providing services for both ladies and gentlemen. As a spa company, we devote our professional services to our valued customers together with our clear vision “Walk to better health". We strongly believe that our traditional foot and body treatments will benefit our customers in terms of improving their health based on the long-lasting research and experience which could be traced back from ancient times in China. Mary Foot Spa is believed to be the best place offering foot treatment and body relaxation service.

Spa at The Address(Dubai Mall)

The Spa at The Address Dubai Mall is located on the third floor of the hotel. Housing 9 treatment rooms, hydrotherapy facilities, steam rooms, and hair and nail studio, the spa provides services such as aromatherapy, reflexology, body wraps, intense body scrubs, hand and foot care, facials treatments and other spa treatments. The unique sanctuary in the bustling city will reboot your energy.

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