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Foot baths are mini bath tubs for your feet that provide therapeutic, bubbling warm water, while delivering an invigorating massage all at the same time.

They are relatively simple to use. All you have to do is add water up to the fill-line and the tub will heat the water to a comfortably warm temperature. The water in a foot bath is like a mini whirlpool. Depending on the model, foot baths have a number of jets that produce stimulating bubbles in the water. The powerful water jets provide a refreshing blast of warm or cool water, easily soothing your aching feet.

The massage mechanism of the foot baths comes in the form of interchangeable plates in the bottom of the tub that provide a relaxing massage when you place your feet on them. Most baths come with a few different options for the type of massage. “Vibra-Nodes” are used when you want acupressure relief that is focused and gentle on your feet. They provide a more intense massage to a particular area of your feet. The other option is the “Stimu-Roll” massage rollers that provide a concentrated massage all over your feet including the soles, arches and toes.

Some foot baths even come with their own pedicure center. The pedicure features of a foot bath work by applying pressure to your feet from four different rotating attachments. A pumice stone is used to remove any rough, dry callused skin on all areas of the feet. A rotating exfoliating brush gently exfoliates the skin of the feet while also stimulating and energizing them. The “Stimu-Roll” massager can be attached to give a focused circular massage to the soles of the feet, while the acupressure roller massager can be added to supply a more rigorous massage targeted to certain areas of the feet. The foot bath will even have a built-in storage compartment for handy storage of the pedicure attachments.

Foot baths are made extra deep so you can easily soak your whole the entire feet, including the ankles. Most models will fit up to a size twelve man’s foot. The baths can also be used for other areas of the body such as the elbows, wrists, and hands. If you wanted a change from the water massage, then you could use the tub while it’s dry and just turn on the massage functions of the tub.

The fancier and more expensive the model you purchase, the more special features the foot bath will come with. Some baths have an infrared heating pad in the bottom of the tub, that provides concentrated heat and massage to the feet for an even more stimulating soak. In-tub toe controls are another option. This allows you to easily control the settings of the bath without having to bend over. The controls are completely waterproof and have LED lights to indicate what setting the foot bath is on. Instead of the in-bath controls, other versions are operated by remote control.

Most foot baths have a non-slip bottom and a built-in handle for easy transportation. Also, some come with a clear cover that is placed over the bath while in use, so that you can retain most of the wonderful heat and prevent splashes. Foot baths are an inexpensive way to bring the pleasuring touch of a masseuse home with you. The relaxing heated massage of the foot bath is a great way to unwind from your day and to rejuvenate those tired, aching feet.

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