Five Chinese Medicine Training Schools in Beijing

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Beijing Higher Chinese Medicine Training School

The massage classes of Beijing Higher Chinese Medicine Training School include traditional Thai massage, the advanced class of treating injured soft tissues, characteristic therapy class of Chinese medicine, foot therapy class, advanced massager certification obtaining class, Chinese medicine massage class and so on. All the teachers are national famous experts and academic leaders who are from the famous hospitals, such as the Oriental hospital. Besides, this school has practice base of acupuncture and massage outside the school.

Dongzhimen Hospital of Vocational Training School

The classes of this school include traditional bonesetting, combined treatment of waist arthropathy, the diagnosis and treatment of anklebone irritable wound, etc. Depending on the excellent teaching resources, professional teaching and scientific research base and all-around considerate services, this vocational training school provides an excellent learning platform of traditional Chinese medicine skills.

Beijing Jingdu Vocational Training School

Beijing Jingdu Vocational Training School emphasizes the teaching quality and reputation. This training school has strong teaching force. It can also provide the students with practice field. Currently, it is a large and well-equipped vocational training school in Beijing. There are various courses here, such as Chinese medicine science of channels and collaterals, science of Chinese massage, hypurgia, thenar massage, massage manipulations of Thailand, Hong Kong, etc.

Chinese Medicine Academy Training Center

Chinese Medicine Academy Training Center has rich foreign and domestic talent resources of Chinese medicine. Thereby, the training classes held by this center is the most characteristic and professional of the same industry. The teacher of the massage class is Zhoujiarong, who has 15 years’ massage clinical experiences.

Huayiguofang Alice Chinese Medicine Health Beauty

The main massage courses of this education institution include massage treatment, massage conditioning and Chinese medicine massage conditioning. This center has complete and advanced teaching facilities. The scientific teaching method and advanced teaching facilities guarantee that you can learn the massage well.

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