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As many Chinese people know, Chinese massage aims to treat different kinds of ailments. Many spas in Guangzhou know that Western customers and some Chinese are aiming for either healthy or luxury, so they can do their best to meet the customers’ demands. Some larger massage centers in Guangzhou will provide Thai and Japanese massages as well as aromatherapy.

Many people want to look for a good massage spot and want to avoid some places that double as brothels. There may be no perfect rule to accomplish this and most people will recommend going to a spa that “looks” respectable, but this is not an entirely efficient method. Now, the annual Canton fair is coming, a large number of foreigners will come to Guangzhou, if they want to get a massage in Guangzhou for relaxing themselves, they can go to some famous massage places to enjoy themselves, The following massage places are very popular and the service is really very good. If you don't find what you want in the following listing of spas, there are plenty of other options across Guangzhou at hotels, clinics and hospitals. Though it might take a little searching, you can even consider China's “blind man massage” or mang ren an mo 盲人按摩, which are usually small shops that employ blind masseurs.


Zutai Service Centre 足泰服务中心

Zutai specializes in foot massages and is reasonably priced, compared to many others. Their massages combine physical massage with medicinal therapy, with some programs aiming at the treatment of maladies such as tiredness, inflammation and beriberi. They are well stocked with herbal extracts. For more details, please click here.

International Royal Spa and Diner 皇室国际美食水疗会

This luxurious spa in Nanyang Hotel in northeast Guangzhou makes every attempt to do it all. Along with mid-to-high-priced massages, they provide sauna, spa and a beauty salon, with an ambitious variety of freebies for customers. Their massage styles include Chinese, Japanese, Thai and a variety of oil massages. Head, shoulder, and foot massages are their most economical, at 58 RMB an hour. For more details, please click here.

Shengtaosha Leisure Club圣淘沙休闲阁

Shengtaosha provides Chinese massage and a Thai sauna experience. Though modest compared to others, it still offers common freebies such as beverages and fruit, and the prices certainly won't eat up your salary. For more details, please click here.

Haijiao Honglou Leisure Club 海角红楼休闲会所

It's ok if you can't pronounce the name. Located just down the road from the Chen Clan Academy, Haijiaohonglou is a massage and spa centre out of the way of the heavily international zone. Their massages include Chinese, Hong Kong, Thai and essential oil, and their overnight spa provides such freebies as sauna, entertainment centre, food and drinks. Their prices are reasonable compared to more decadent alternatives. For more details, please click here.

Blue Coast International Spa Club 蓝色海岸国际水会

In their own words, they are “decorous, clean and large”. Along with the common varieties of massage, Blue Coast International Spa Club also offers the “Mineral Stone” massage, which will leave you reclining with rocks of differing temperatures all along your body and the masseuse working on your “acupoints”. This technique is supposed to increase circulation and relieve muscle pain. Spa customers also get treated to food, movies and a gym. For more details, please click here.

Nanmei Leisure Club 南美休闲会馆

Located in the South American Grand Hotel, just south of central Tianhe, Nanmei is a good place to go for traditional therapeutic massage. You can get medicinal, mineral stone, oil or Thai massage, and can stay overnight at their sauna facilities. Prices are high. For more details, please click here.

Spelland Spa 水玲珑会馆

Spelland Spa calls itself an “integrated leisure centre”, and is certainly one of the most well known spas in Guangzhou. They offer a Hong Kong massage that includes stimulating the fingertips and stepping on your back, along with traditional Chinese massages incorporating both cupping and acupressure. They also provide very inexpensive buffet meals, which you can have for free if you spend over 298 RMB. Most of their massages and other treatments are in the high-priced range, but simple ones such as head, neck and foot are more affordable. For more details, please click here.

Jinyi Foot Massage金怡足道(宝岗大道店)

The environment of Jinyi Foot Massage is really very good and very comfortable, the space of it is very big, capacious and bright, when you step into this shop, your feeling will be very good, service or efficiency is high and the price is affordable. For more details, please click here.

Kangyiju Health Massage康逸居保健(海安店)

The environment is very good and new. The massage therapists’ gestures are also very good, service attitude is good. In general, they will give you twenty percent discount. If you have the VIP card, they will give you a higher discount. For more details, please click here.

Special Footprint Business Health Club非凡足迹商务养生会所

The Service in this club is very professional and helpful, the massage therapist is easy to talk about and the massage is also very comfortable. Their special massage service refers to the pressure is very good, but the price is a little high. For more details, please click here.

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