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Maybe you are considering to do a full body massage in China, but you worried that your massage would turn into a situation of sexy exchange? Here are some useful advices which can help you to recognize the differences between the sexual massage services and the legitimate professional massages. China is still home to a large sex industry, and a great many prostitutes. the prostitution and pedophiles in China are still a high profile social problem and the prevalence of prostitution is hardly surprising phenomenon, especially when taking into consideration the abundance of people in China. There are a variety of massage centers in China, if you are the first time to come to China, it is really very difficult to recognize which places are offering normal and genuine massage services and which ones are brothels in disguise. Here are a few things to keep in when searching out a good venue to have a massage:

The best way to identify whether it is a legit massage parlor or not is just using your eyes, if the massage service has many common senses, as it generally does in life, then it is believable and you can feel at ease, if the place looks complicated, The first visual clue to check is lighting. Pink lighting which can make the massage girl looks more appealing is the most obvious sign of a brothel.

Except the colour of the lighting, there are other visual clues which can check this massage center’s true nature. Such as you can look though the window, if you see the scene that several dejected looking girls, heavily made-up, wearing revealing dresses, grazing on a sofa in front of a TV, then it is shown that this is a massage parlor with illegal deal. Likewise, if you have seen the massage advertisements in a magazine or on the internet and the masseur has described herself with a perfect tall, curvy and sexy”, then you may pay more attention on checking it because it seems like the sex massage service.

If you are not sure where can find a professional massage service, you can ask for recommendations of reputable parlors, it is always a good idea for many foreign visitors. You can also ask your Chinese friends or other expat friends to give you more suggestions which will help you find what you are looking for in your area.

If you are still uncertain of the nature of the massage parlor you are visiting, the best way to check is to choose a style of massage which will less likely lead to misunderstandings. Such as choosing Chinese traditional massage, or Thai massages because doing these massage you should still remain fully clothed, or wearing the special clothes the massage parlor often provided, so it will be a definitely safe option. Foot massages will also be a good idea if you want to get a normal massage service.

After following the above steps, but there is still a concern in your mind that the massage parlor you want to go is not legit, there is another easy way of avoiding the sex services, you can bring a friend, preferably a female one.

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