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The delicate skin on the face takes the most damage in our daily life. Facelift massage is an integral part of bodywork therapy. Performed by gently stroking, rubbing and patting the facial area with the fingertips, it gives you the benefits of a glowing complexion and younger, firmer skin.


Many options are available to formally train in facelift massage. Some of the more popular therapies include ayurvedic facelift massage, lymphatic drainage therapy, Belavi facelift massage, Japanese shiatsu therapy and Indian facelift massage.


Facelift massage is an ideal addition to a therapist's repertoire, since it is easy to learn and a very popular therapy. The neck and shoulders are also sometimes included in the massage and one of the primary benefits is deep sated relaxation and the maintenance of a youthful glow. You can complete training in a matter of months and you can provide these great benefits to most of your clients.

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