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Massage has a variety of health benefits like lowering blood pressure, alleviating pain and reducing stress, according to Dr. Tiffany Field of the University of Miami School of Medicine. For folks who want the advantages of massage without paying a professional massage therapist, there are several new products on the market geared specifically towards face massage, which can relax muscles and increase circulation.



The Yuroll is a face massager made of jade. It has a handle and a jade roller that the user applies to the face and neck muscles. Makers of the Yuroll claim it promotes lymphatic drainage and increases oxygen to the face, making the user look younger. The British newspaper The Independent named Yuroll one of the top ten beauty products to buy, reporting, "Apparently Kate Moss is a fan; if those are the results, then perhaps it's time to get rolling."


Facial Bamboo Stick Set

The Face Bamboo Stick Set is a face massage kit created for use by estheticians and massage therapists. However, the set is sold on the Internet with a how-to DVD that trains the user the correct way to apply the sticks to the face and what strokes to use. The bamboo set includes eight-pieces, and is sold through a variety of online retailers.

Japanese Facial Massage Roller

The Japanese Facial Massage Roller is a tool the size of a disposable razor. Miniature suction cups line soft rubber rollers, and the user grasps a handle to apply the tool to the face. Makers of the product claim it stimulates circulation, exfoliates and detoxifies pores. Because this product is made in Japan, the packaging and instructions are entirely in Japanese. A reviewer on the Kaboodle website says of the Japanese Facial Massage Roller, "Fits in my purse and wakes me up anytime I start to feel blah. Better than blush for putting a rosy glow on cheeks!"

Face Slim Massage Slimming Roller

The full name of this tool is the Face Slim Massage Slimming Roller Massager Skin Care, and it makes big claims. As the name implies, makers of the product say rolling it on the face will help burn fat. While there is no medical evidence to back this up, users of the tool say it feels good to roll it on the face, and that it is an effective massage tool.

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