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Deep lymphatic tissue massage is known in the massage field as lymphatic drainage massage. It is used to assist the body's lymph system, a major part of the immune system, with drainage of accumulated toxins. A lymph massage is the antithesis of a deep tissue massage, and is usually a gentle treatment that guides toxins toward the lymph nodes for waste removal.

The Hands

The most effective tool a massage therapist has is her hands. The lymphatic drainage technique uses gentle rubbing and sweeping motions that travel toward the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes are located in the cervical region, along the sides of the neck, in the inguinal region, on the interior of the upper thigh and in the axillary region, near the armpit. The technique is used to reduce swelling and improve the effectiveness of the body's waste removal system.


Natural bristle brushes are often used as lymphatic drainage tools. Brushes are simple for clients to use at home. Drag a brush gently over the skin toward the lymph nodes, from the feet up toward the inguinal region, and up the trunk of the body toward the axillary region. Some brushes have long handles, which make them easier to use on the back; drag such a brush up the back to the cervical lymph nodes in the neck area. Natural bristle brushes are usually wooden with off-white or yellowish bristles, often they resemble brushes used to wash your back in the shower, but they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Lymphatic Drainage Machines

Some therapists and estheticians use electronics to assist their clients with lymphatic drainage. These devices have attachments that use various levels of air pressure and brush mechanisms to sweep the skin. The techniques used by electronic devices are identical to manual lymphatic drainage techniques.

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