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Before choosing a massage therapy school, you may need to spend a little time on doing some necessary homework

Here's a checklist of points to take into consideration:

  1. You should determine whether the school is going to be in the same area exactly where you'll work and live, because massage therapy is not regulated as the same as all places.
  2. You should know whether this massage school is recognized by the organization you will be licensed or registered.
  3. Verify if the school has been approved by a credible accreditation agency. It is essential because it will show the plan has gone by the rigorous objective inspection and show that it meets higher requirements and it will adequately prepare the college students for regional, national or international examinations for their licensing purposes.
  4. You should consider whether you like the complete study or the part-time study. Not each college will offer both.
  5. Request a school brochure to check whether it gives the massage curriculum you are interested in.
  6. Ask about the massage schools’ philosophy which relates to teaching ways and massage treatment.
  7. Ask the principal whether the school provides open houses or brief introductory courses. It can be beneficial to find out what the school is like.
  8. Get in touch with some graduates to obtain their views and suggestions.
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