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If you're visiting China, obtaining a normal and traditional Chinese massage is something you should not miss out on because it is really very helpful to you.

The price of getting a particular body-massage for one hour is exactly based on where you're living: in some smaller sized cities, it is possible to get an one-hour massage for only 20 RMB, in some cities like Beijing and Shanghai, you may spend 50-250 RMB for an one-hour massage. In many massage centers or Spas, if you arrive in the evening, and after doing the massage, it is really very late, then it is possible to stay over the whole night and sleep there. It really is a relatively common phenomenon for Chinese business travelers. Not simply are you able to get a totally free bed, but it is possible to use the showers and each of the facilities in a spot that smells of jasmine. Some great massage areas have fairly lots of private rooms. The staff generally sleeps on that place. It is really a considerable thing because you may be sick of sleeping in hostel dorms and it also can cut down your expenditures.

Note: Don't try out to sleep over at Dragonfly (a famous massage center/spa). They usually say no.

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