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Carrot oil is used in many skin care preparations as it is an excellent oil for skin care. Carrot massage oil is extracted from the roots of the carrot plant and should not be confused with carrot seed essential oil used in aromatherapy. As a massage oil, carrot oil is beneficial in healing psoriasis, eczema and itchy skin. It is a useful skin tonic.

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Uses of Carrot Massage Oil

Carrot massage oil is frequently used in skin care; it is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin F and beta-carotene. Carrot massage oil is useful in treating eczema, psoriasis and itchy skin; it is often combined with other carrier oils in massage, and/or essential oils, due to its rich properties.

Cautions for Using Carrot Oil

Carrot seed essential oil should be avoided in pregnancy due to its ability to treat amenorrhea and promote the start of menstruation. Carrot massage oil should not be used in excess due to its powerful constituents. The consumption of both carrots and carrot juice are toxic in excess quantities due to hypovitaminosis. Due to its ability to "tan" the skin orange, carrot seed essential oil is often used in suntan products. However, carrots taken in excess, either internally or externally, can be extremely toxic and may even result in death.

If unfamiliar in the use of essential oils and carrier oils in massage, consult a qualified aromatherapist or massage therapist respectively. When used correctly, both essential oils and carrier oils can be very beneficial. However, individual circumstances may dictate caution in their use.

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