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Most of the natural creams, body lotions, body oils, lip balms, moisturizers and a variety of other skin care products, use some amount of carrier oils to make the products gentle on the skin. Carrier oils, as the name suggests, are basically all those oils, which are used to carry, and dilute, the essential oil, in the skin care products, and help their absorption into the skin to render the benefits. Extracted from the seeds, kernels, nuts and other fatty portion of plants, carrier oils are widely used in aromatherapy. From simple blends to more complex mixtures in lotions, carrier oils enhances the essential oils used to treat the skin, hair and for body massage by increasing the acceptability, viscosity and lubrication of the essential oils. Carrier oils also prevent the essential oils from evaporating too quickly.

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For body massage, essential oils can be too harsh on the skin unless diluted with carrier oils. For this reason they are mostly, and widely, used in aromatherapy. Diluting the essential oils also makes it easier to rub the oils on the skin. No wonder, carrier oils makes aromatherapy such a rejuvenating experience providing complete relaxation to the mind and body. Carrier oils, which are used in aromatherapy, are extracted using the cold pressing method while those used for cooking are extracted using heat pressing method. In cold pressing, because no heat is used, the oils retain their vitamins, minerals and acids. Thus, for effective skin care and rejuvenating massage, one should always go for cold pressed carrier oils. The main difference between carrier oils and essential oils is that the former is extracted by pressing the seeds, nuts and kernels of plants while the latter is distilled from the aromatic parts of plants.

Aromatherapy is an experience, to say the least and probably no wealth can substitute a pair of deft hands, gently massaging your tensed muscles with soothing oils, magically relieving you of all tiredness with their refreshing and relaxing aroma. The blend of carrier oils and essential oils infuse the body with renewed energy, transporting the mind and soul to a sense of lightness that can be quite addictive. For those buckling under a strenuous lifestyle, aromatherapy is the ultimate antidote. Aromatherapy is also recommended for people who are suffering from depression, orthopedic ailments and also as an anti-ageing remedy. So, if you are suffering from such problems and find medications ineffective or not to your choice, then don’t forget to try aromatherapy, which will surely do wonders to you. To get the most out of carrier oils, it is important that you know the different types of carrier oils and how each one affects your skin. Carrier oils are a wealth of health, rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, which improves, softens and treats the skin from many disorders but at the same time using the wrong oils can cause allergy too. So, it is always safer to go for the oil treatment that suits your skin type. Thus, experiment with the oil of your choice to make your skin glowing and supple. In this site, all the information regarding various carrier oils have been given in detail. This will help you to choose from different oils and know what all benefits that they provide. So, forget all your tension, work and get ready to experience the wonderful carrier oil treatment for an energized and calm mind and body.

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