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A full body massage is a special treat that you can perform for a friend, spouse or loved one. With only a light touch and some simple strokes, you can relax and sooth tense, strained muscles. A full body massage is also an effective way to reduce stress and increase circulation.

  1. A full body massage is generally practiced when the client would be completely draped with sheets on the massage table. And generally clients are told to undress as far as they can and still be comfortable. So some people will be completely naked and some people will leave their underwear on and the therapist will know how to work with whatever the client is most comfortable with. That, of course, is a real important factor: being comfortable. Then basically the person's body is massaged entirely, with the exception of course of the breasts and the groin.
  2. Have the person lie on their back, on a massage table or the floor. Put a pillow under their head and knees. Begin at the top of their head and massage their scalp, using firm circular motions with your fingers.
  3. Put oil or lotion on your hands, and massage the upper back muscles, by putting your hands under the upper back and gently kneading and pulling the muscles. Turn the head to one side and massage one side of the neck, then gently turn it to the other side and massage.
  1. Massage the hand and arm on one side of the body. Use your thumbs, pressing very firmly when massaging the palms. Use long smooth strokes using your fingers and palms to massage the arms, from wrist to shoulder, and then do the other side.
  2. Move down and massage the feet and legs. Feet take our weight all day, so use firm thumb pressure on the arches and balls of the foot. Use the same motion on the leg that you used on their arms, moving from the ankle to the tops of the thigh.
  3. Turn the person over and massage the back of the legs, the same way you did the front of the legs. Use long smooth strokes from ankle to buttocks. You can massage the gluteul muscles, if the person does not mind, but do ask before you touch the buttock area.
  4. Massage the back, beginning with the big muscles directly beside the spine. Move to the muscles between the shoulder blades, then the neck muscles again.
  5. Finish the massage with a light tickle from the top of the shoulder, down to the feet. This is a nice, soothing way to end a massage
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