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Massage is generally performed by hand, yet body massagers can be a helpful adjunct to a massage routine. From hand-held massage tools to those that are mechanized to function without any work on the part of the recipient, there are a wide selection of body massagers to suit any need and ability. Some massagers are nothing more than flimsy gadgets that will break upon use, so it's important to check out product durability to get the best deal for your money.

Handheld Massagers

Rubber and plastic hand-held massage rollers, wood or plastic pressure-point tools, and other small, hand-held massage tools abound. They are an inexpensive option to more pricey motorized massagers and can be found in numerous mass retailers, drugstores and on the Internet. These hand-held devices are useful in relieving the hands when they tire from the constant pressure of massage work and are effective in releasing tight muscles and knots.

Motorized Massage Tools

Mechanized massage tools are called percussion instruments. They are weighted, hand-held massagers that vibrate as they move over the body. The vibration stimulates the muscles of the body to relax and loosen. Some percussion massage tools offer heat or infrared light options, which are both useful in promoting muscle relaxation and relieving pain. This type of massage tool can be found in many retail stores or online and are offered in varieties designed for everyone from the layperson to the professional massage therapist.

Massage Cushions and Seats

Massage cushions and seats are designed for use for the hard-to-reach back area. These mechanized tools contain either a vibratory mechanism or roller balls within to circle, roll, and apply pressure to the large muscles of the back to relax tension and relieve pain. Some cushions are specifically made for the lower lumbar region of the back, while others are made for sitting or lying on and accommodate the entire length of the back and shoulders.

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