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What is Prostate Massage?

Today, more and more men have the tendency to suffer from prostate problems, which could really affect their sex lives and could even lead to a serious condition. Therefore, it is essential to treat and prevent this problem to avoid suffering from the symptoms this disease could bring. Prostate massage is claimed by some to be a healthy activity that can have a profound impact on the function of a man's prostate, the health of his reproductive system and his overall sex life. in general, Prostate Massage is called 肾部保健 in Chinese, it is also call 前列腺保健, sometimes, this lind of massage service may also include HJ (hand job), which is also called the happy ending massage you may see in the massage list.

How to Perform Prostate Massage?

Prostate massage is possible either through self external massage or internal massage. External massage using an external device is also practiced by many.

External Prostate Massage

  • When you are going in for external prostate massage, it is important to ensure that the nails are perfectly clean and trimmed. It is possible to access the prostate externally with the help of the strip that is situated between the scrotum and the anus. This area is known as the perineum.
  • Once you have identified the spot, you should use the pads of the fingers and exert gentle pressure on it. It would be ideal to find an area with a slight depression that should be available in the perineum. When pressing, it is advisable to run your fingers forth and back on this depression.
  • This method if properly done can result in immediate erection followed by ejaculation. However, if you encounter pain on discomfort it means that you are either not doing it properly or are exerting too much pressure.
Prostate-massage 副本.jpg

Internal Prostate Massage

  • As is the case with external prostate massage, internal prostate massage also requires your nails to be trimmed and scrupulously clean. It would be advisable to have a bowel movement before you start this internal prostate massage session.
  • A few things that would be required are properly fitting rubber gloves and a lubricant that is water based. You should start the process by lubricating the anus by stroking it in circular motions. The slower and longer the lubrication, the better it is.
  • Using the pad the stroking should be firm but gentle and it should never be rushed through. Once the lubrication starts taking effect, the anal muscles start adjusting and it would be possible for your finger to enter the anus.
  • Once you have made the full entrance, one should crook the finger upwards, so that is moves towards the wall of the abdomen. Once you have been able to do it successfully you are sure to come about a 2 inch organ that is approximately the shape of a walnut. This is the prostate glad.
  • When you have identified the prostate gland, you can start the massage by applying as much pressure as is needed to control your sensations. It would be better to start with the sides of the organ because the center is considered too sensitive. Care should be taken to use only the pads of the finger and not the nails.
  • By varying your pressure on the prostate gland, you could experience an erection and if you continue with the massage it could lead to ejaculation. You should reduce the pressure if you encounter as pain or discomfort.

Regular Ejaculation

Massaging the prostate promotes relaxation and, in turn, regular ejaculation. Regular ejaculation has a number of healthy, non-sexual benefits. The stimulation of the prostate gland promotes the production of fluid in the prostate and brings fresh blood flow to the pelvic area. This fresh blood flow will bring oxygen and nutrients, allowing for healthier cell function within the prostate and the surrounding area.

Why Do Man Need a Prostate Massage?

Many men suffering from impotence find that regular prostate massages help to return them to normal sexual function. While sexual impotence can be caused by muscular constriction, as mentioned above, it can also be caused by past neglects or abuses (physical or nonphysical). Regular prostate massage will increase seminal fluids and can, over time, help a man to overcome impotence issues.

What Will be Happened After a Prostate Massage?

  • Your pain can melt away, day by day.
  • BPH and other symptoms can gradually disappear.
  • Urine flow can improve dramatically.
  • You can have better sleep and not have to get up 6 times a night to relieve your bladder.
  • You can start to feel really good again.
  • You can regain the sexual activity that they thought was over forever.
  • As time goes by, you'll feel better all over. You'll have more energy, you'll be happier and your sex life will take back its former sparkle.
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Medical Warnings Concerning Prostate Massage

The prostate gland is a very delicate organ and should be treated with care at all times. While there are not many studies regarding the benefits of prostate massage, many doctors believe that the technique may be helpful for a variety of medical conditions. It is, however, important to discuss the technique and your need for it with your physician before attempting it on your own. He will be able to help you determine if the benefits of prostate massage apply to your particular condition.

The Benefits of Prostate Massage

  • Prostate massage can loosen the tension and stress in the muscles, as well as in the nerve endings in the prostate area. Men could truly feel relaxed when the muscles of the gland are massaged, but not the gland itself.
  • This massage therapy could help determine the existence of any cancerous cells growth or infection in the male prostate gland.
  • This massage therapy also aids in draining the seminal fluids, which have been collected and creates pressure in a lot of cases, inflammation.
  • Prostate massage can increase the circulation to the prostate gland, providing nourishment and oxygen and also cleanse the prostate.
  • Prostate massage therapy makes masturbation not necessary and usually, it would even remove the desire for it. Prostate therapy can protect men from the occurrence of threatening prostate gland cancer.
  • This therapy can aid men who suffer from a serious case of prostate enlargement. This massage technique can help men fight and prevent the development of certain prostate disorders.
  • Prostate massage therapy can help men overcome impotence by stimulating the flow of seminal fluid and increases circulation.
  • The swollen prostate can be alleviated with the help of prostate massage. It could be really uncomfortable when you suffer from a swollen prostate gland, most especially when sitting down and pressure would build around the prostate.

Some Prostate Massage Places in Asia

Prostate Massage in Shanghai

Spring Massage and Spa春会馆

"Spring Massage" is on Maoming Road, just south of Weihai Road on the east side of the street. From the intersection, walk south on Maoming Road. About 50 meters down, you'll see a sign for the massage place. Anyway, there is a podium where a greeter could stand, but most of the time there isn't someone there. the massage place is on the second floor. Girls also look like flight attendants as well. 90 min is only 289rmb or something like that. No.9 is way cuter but No.35 has a good attitude. The girls allow much roaming for tips of course.

Yu Xuan Chi Foot Massage御轩池养生足道

Providing first-class services, the Yu Xuan Chi Foot Massage offers long term 20% off discount. Featuring professional therapists, the Yu Xuan Chi Foot Massage has been known about for some time. Services provided here include foot massage, body rub, sauna, spa treatments and others. Free snacks are available. The leisure parlor is a perfect place for Massage enthusiasts.

Jinlin Health Preservation金林养生堂

Located in Jing'an District, the Jinlin Health Preservation is a men's health center. The nicely maintained and well-decorated massage area is located in the basement. Featuring nice facilities and friendly masseuses, the parlor offers services such as prostate massage, oil massage and others. The prostate massage is about 200RMB per 45mins. The sensual health massage is about 338RMB per 100mins. Though it is more expensive than other places, it really worth the price. Discount cards are available at Jinlin. If you buy a 1,000 RMB card, you can get a 20% discount.

Prostate Massage in Beijing

He Sheng Yuan Massage Center和生缘专业按摩中心

Located near the Jintai Xizhao Subway station, the He Sheng Yuan Massage Center enjoys convenient location. The 24-hour center provides services such as foot massage, traditional Chinese body massage, aromatic oil massage, lymphatic drainage massage, head and shoulder massage, kidney massage, hot stone treatment, deep tissue massage and facial treatment. Offering a great sense of peace and precious touch, the He Sheng Yuan Massage Center delivers the Perfect Massage to guest. Appointment is required. Per capital consumption is about 150RMB.

Lemon Tree Massage Center

Welcome to Lemon Tree Massage Center. We cater to the expat community. Our staff is talented, beautiful, English/Chinese speaking, and very friendly. We offer a variety of massage styles with the highest quality oils and lotions. Our location is clean and easy to locate (but you must call or email first for the exact address). Outcall available.

Jiangnan Zudao江南足道

The Jiangnan Zudao is located in Sanlitun area, between Gongti Bei Lu and the Holiday Inn, on the east side of the road. It's next to the rainbow restaurant. If you walk in this shop and tell the front desk that you want the RMB 200 oil massage. They'll take you upstairs to a room with shower, pretty worn out room. Actually, this shop is specialized in foot massage, the place also provide the services such as body massage and others. Foot Massage and Body Massage in big blue letters and has palm trees on the sign above the door. Massage girls in this shop are very enthusiastic, their massage is decent and HJ is excellent and naughty.

Prostate Massage in Hong Kong

Noble Sauna贵族桑拿

Located in Tsim Sha East, Noble Sauna has a prime location which concentrates tourism, entertainment and hotels. Covers over 30,000 feet, it is equipped with serval huge Jacuzzis, Saunas and Steam. The European style decoration can make you feel exotic. There are free food and fruits supplied in the commodious lobby, and computer, Wifi service and 52-inch Plusma big TV.

Daily Spa

The original Japan Nuru Massage is the perfect way to relax and unwind when you have been working much too hard for much too long. Absolute privacy in our luxurious, clean and tidy spacious spa suites; each with its own shower, Jacuzzi bath and massage facilities.

Lau Sing Yu 流星語

Specialized in lymphatic drainage and prostate rubbing, aimed at the strain of cervical vertebra, waist and legs, Lau Sing Yu is a professional health care massage center. The professional skills are very strong and comfortable. You can enjoy a tender and considerate services here.

Prostate Massage in Singapore

Lollipop Massage

Lollipop Massage is a massage parlor in the Orchard Road. It provides a wide range of massage services consisting of Full Body Massage, Lingam Massage, Tantric Massage, Erotic Massage, Yoni Massage and Singapore Massage etc. It supports outcall service and you can call the number to enjoy the wonderful massage services.

Red Tantra Massage

Red Tantra Massage’s Coach is a fun and kind Coach sensitive to customer’s needs. With at least 5 years experience in Massage and trained by some of the top teachers in the world including Steve Piccus (mentioned in the bestselling book "The Game"). Red Tantra Massage is specialized in both "White Tantra"- the spiritual form of Massage meditation and "Red Tantra" - the erotic form of Massage for men and women, which makes us the ONLY internationally experienced Masseuse in Singapore.

Prostate Massage in Dubai

Nuru/Prostate Massage in Dubai

we provide the hot, beautiful, gorgeous and enthusiastic Oriental ladies to serve you with their excellent skills. Deep tissue massage . Aromatherapy, Holistic Full body massage. Tantric body to body massage. Prostate massage , Nuru massage, Body to body massage are all available. If you are interested to experience special body to body or nuru massage in Dubai,you can call at 971508854158.

Luxury Massues Milly

Luxury Milly is a professional massage therapist, for gentlemen who wish to enjoy a quality massage with an erotic feeling, Milly will be a good choice, she can provide a lot of special massage service which can relax you and make you feel invigorated. Her style of massage is adapted to fit perfectly into the "Erotic Liaison", such as her Prostate massage which van both protect men's sexual health and men's sexual pleasure. You can catch her by Email at

Prostate Massage in Manila

Manila Tantric Massage

If you are desiring a stimulating erotic tantric sensuous experience, prostate massage with a intelligent, educated, experienced and vivacious beauty in Manila, then looking no further as Manila Tantric Massage will realize all your desires. the massage girl in this agency have beautiful short dark as well as one tattoo under my breast, she is classy and fun to be with. If you are interested in her services,contact at 639064846348/09438353938.


This is Jackie. With her heart and mind, and the inner knowledge of dignity, instinct and deep satisfaction of human sexuality she can accompany the individual person in their sexual experience. Trust her sensitive competence and longstanding profound experience. she loves this kind of work very much and really look forwad to meet teh gentlemen.

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