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A brief introduction of the training

From 1990,Beijing Massage Hospital receives doctors, physical therapists and amateurs from different countries to get training on Chinese massage both through theoretical study and clinical observation. Every year the hospital admits over 100 applicants, who are mainly from the United States, Japan, UK, France, Switzerland, Germany, Greek, Italy and etc.

Training Programs offered

The International Department of the hospital admits both individual applicants and applicants in groups and will formulate training programs in accordance with the requirements and professional background of the applicants. A bilingual certificate in English and Chinese will be issued to the students who have completed certain training program and passed the examination.

Program for professionals

The program includes the Basic Theory of the Chinese Traditional Medicine, Channels and Acupuncture points, Chinese Massage Theoretical Study and Clinical Observation. The main courses are trainings on Chinese massage for common diseases and the training duration may be from one week to half a year.

Program for amateurs

The program includes the Characteristics of the Chinese Massage, the Mostly-used Manipulations, Family Healthcare Manipulations and Clinical Observation and the training duration may be from one day to ten days.

Tourism and Professional Exchange

Siheyuan (a residential compound arranged around a quadrangle courtyard), typical of the traditional architecture in Beijing, is characteristic of the Chinese people and rich in cultural connotations. The Siheyuan with a history of over 100 years is well reserved in Beijing Massage Hospital and partial adjustments have been made to fit the modern medical conditions. During a tour of the hospital, visitors will see how modern TCM are performed in Traditional Chinese environment.

The hospital also welcomes professionals abroad to exchange techniques and academic ideas on massage with our therapists.

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