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As a remedy to our daily life, massage is something everyone should try once in a while. Providing massages, the spas and massage places seem to be everywhere in the city. Here are the places of top massage places in Beijing.


Best Thai Massage


Thai massage is more of a relaxing massage. It involves much more rubbing and pressing instead of kneading, as well as interesting stretching techniques. While both Chinese and Thai massage will leave the person being massaged much more relaxed and comfortable, the Thai massage is less painful and even more soothing. A good massage will leave you in a sleep like state. This comes with its price, however, as Thai massage is a bit more expensive than Chinese massage in Beijing.

The I Spa is the first Thai spa in Beijing, possessing many chain stores in the city. Providing professional and personalized spa service to all the guests, each branch houses changing areas, shower and wash rooms, saunas, baths and lounge seating. Therapists from Thailand or China are trained in basic English for easy communication. Their exquisite massage skills, together with essential oils and herbal remedies, help to restore energy. Apart from the authentic Thai Massage, the I Spa also provides body massages, scrubs and wraps, aromatherapy baths and facials.

Best Chinese Massage


Chinese massage relies much more on a style of massage called Tuina, which involves the extensive use of pressure points. This can be quite painful, along with the extensive kneading that is used. Practitioners of Chinese massage, especially the Tuina variety, believe it to have strong healing properties. It is easier to find Chinese massage than Thai massage in Beijing, although both are usually available in the larger saunas.

Opened in 1985, the Beijing Massage Hospital is a Chinese medicine specialized hospital. It is close to the Pingan Li Station of Subway Line 4. Located in a courtyard, the hospital features a homey Chinese traditional appeal. The hospital enjoys a great reputation among locals, which has gained it lots of customers. The experienced therapists here offer services such as skin scraping, physical therapy and massage.

Best Foot Massage


Foot massage is the cheapest form of massage. It’s also possibly the most painful one, depending on where you go in Beijing. Reflexologists say that the whole body can be defined by the feet, and that foot massage can improve organ function and boost the immune system. The Chinese are well known for their use of traditional foot massage and it is an experience that should not be missed.

Established in 1997, the Liangzi is one of the most popular national chain foot massage parlor in Beijing. Integrating fitness, body care and leisure, there are more than 400 shops with over 20,000 staff in China. It has magnificent environment and superior decoration. When you enter into the center, everyone will bow and say hello to you. The technicians are said to have unified training before work. They have professional skills and appropriate power. They will explain your health problem in details which he found during the massage process, and tell customers how to keep fit and take care of your body.

Best Blind Massage


In China, it’s very common for blind people to become expert masseuses. And blind massage centers are readily available in Beijing. While a bit more expensive than foot massages, Blind Massage centers are the cheapest full body massage out there. If you’re looking for a pampering experience, you might want to check out the next type of massage place.

The Congshi Massage by Blind Masseuse is a healthcare center approved by the Beijing Federation of the Disabled. The center houses well-experienced therapists specialized in bone fracture and traditional Chinese medicine, offering skillful services such as foot treatment, foot bathing, meridian therapy, Tuina massage, skin scraping, cupping, physical therapy, fire therapy, traditional Chinese medical massage, oil massage and others.

Best Moxibustion Massage


Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy which has existed for five thousand years. By lifting the burning moxa stick over the acupuncture points, the Moxibustion is considered an exotic flower in the traditional Chinese medicine therapy. It improves the body's own immune system to treat illness and preserve wellness.

Dun Min Jiu Tang is a healthcare center specialized in moxibustion. Inspired by the ancient concept of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese culture, the treatments will nourish your life. Located in the SOHO area, the Dun Min Jiu Tang creates a private and quiet space of moxibustion. Featuring simple designs, dimming light and soft music, the parlor is filled with the aroma of wormwood. The doctor in the lobby will feel the pulse of the customers first. Based on the diagnosis, they will provide proper therapy to you. The decorations are of primitive simplicity. Most recommended therapy is moxibustion.

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