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Since its foundation in 1992, Beijing Advanced Traditional Chinese Medicine Training School has developed into a successful school with largest size, maximum training classes, most extensive areas coverage and maximum sources of students. Now, there are over 30 kinds of training classes and more than one hundred classes held each year, besides, the school also brings up over 4,000 clinicians every year.

School Strength

“No pain, no gain”. The school insists on the running principle of “practice, new-style and easily understanding”, aiming at serving the best unique medicine technique and train more professional Chinese medicine doctors. The school employs many rich-experienced professors to introduce more real medicine knowledge. From the standpoint, the students can be able to catch the new technique and new treatment methods. All of the teachers here are experts or professors from many famous universities and hospitals, for instance, Beijing TCM University, Dongzhimen Hospital, the Oriental Hospital, and China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition, Beijing Advanced Traditional Chinese Medicine Training School also has offered some training bases for health centers in town or personal hospitals.

Teaching Program

The training items of the School involve internal treatment, surgery, gynecology, pediatric, orthopedic and dermatology. There are both short training courses and social extension classes which are based on medical massage, therapeutic massage and acupuncture. The category of teaching covers international medical training class, correspondence class, professional unique technical class, vocational skill training class and TCM weight-reducing and beautifying, acupuncture massage health care.

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