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Tai Chi

Is a gentle art of health and well-being for people of all ages and health conditions. Tai Chi combines movement, meditation and breath regulation to increase the flow of vital energy in the body, boost blood circulation, and improve immune functions.

Thai Massage

An ancient Asian practice that incorporates the principles of yoga, meditation, and acupressure methods. It treatment assists with the release of stagnant energy within the body, while improving range of motion and increased mobility.


Employs the therapeutic benefits of the sea and seawater products to restore health and vitality to the skin and hair. The treatment may include a seaweed and algae body paste spread on the body and being insulated with sheets or blankets. Seawater baths may include massage.

Therapeutic Touch

Is based on antique energy healing methods. Therapists employ a light touch or holds the hand above the body, with the patient usually seated. Therapeutic Touch has been applied in an assortment of medical situations, including the care of premature infants and emergency room patients.

Trager Approach

Created by Milton Trager, it makes extensive use of touch-contact and encourages the patient to experience the freeing-up of diverse areas of the body. The approach consists of simple exercises called Mentastics and deep, nonintrusive hands-on work, including fluid, gentle, rocking movements.

Trigger Point Therapy

Is a method in which the therapist applies specific compression to a tender area on muscle tissue in order to assist the body in releasing tension and pain. As these spots are deactivated, gentle strokes to elongate the muscle paired with passive stretching will aid in the process of restoring the muscle.

Tui Na

Chinese massage that utilizes kneading, pressing, rolling, shaking, and stretching of the body. Tui na is thought to regulate qi (vital energy) and blood flow, and improve the function of tendons, bones, and joints.

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