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Lifestream Massage Technique

Taught at LifeStream Massage School, this is a method of bodywork designed to fulfill a need for the busy massage therapist, especially those working in resorts, spas and health clubs. Students learn, full-body massage that provides patients with the relaxation.

Lomi Lomi

An antique massage performed in Hawaii. It has been handed down through Polynesian families for generations. Lomi lomi uses very large, broad movements with two-handed, forearm and elbow application of strokes, which cover a broad area.

Lymphatic Therapy

Is a delicate type of massage that boosts the body’s lymphatic system, improving the metabolism, helping the body to remove waste and toxins and providing a stimulate to the immune system. It was created by Bruno Chikly.


Created by Charles W. Wiltsie, lypossage is a combination of manual deep-tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, and the principles of structural integration, employed to combat cellulite. A recommended alternative to liposuction and body contouring aids.

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