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Deep massage technique that employs a high-tech machine that pulls the skin upward with a suction device where it is kneaded between two mechanical rollers. This kneads the skin and augments blood and lymph flow to the deepest skin layers. Ideal for cellulite treatments.

Energy Flow Balancing

Assists the patient in balancing their energy flow. Emphasis is given to the chakras and the joints, leaving the patients feeling at peace with themselves, with less pain, increased mobility and higher range of motion.

Esalen Massage

Developed in the Esalen Institute it is based on a combination of Oriental and Swedish massage styles. Esalen is light and gentle in nature, emphasizing nurturing and empathy. The strokes are soft prompting deep relaxation. Used to decrease stress, alleviate pain, improve sleep and aid digestion.

Essential Oils

Natural substances extracted from grasses, flowers, herbs, shrubs, trees, resins and spices, regularly through a process called steam distillation. Oils can soothe, relax, rejuvenate, cure, energize or alleviate pain, thereby affecting the body's physical, psychological and emotional levels.


Created by Gerda Alexander, it is based on the concept that there is a constant interaction between muscular tone and psychic activity. Acting upon muscle tone can affect the whole being and regulate the breathing and circulation.

Exercise Therapy

Is an individualized exercise prescription or plan designed to restore health and prevent further ailments. The prescription is given by rehabilitation specialist and considers the patient’s medical condition, providing advice for what type of exercise to perform, how hard to exercise and how long.


StarFace Exerssage is a facial yoga, slow motion movement and self massage method integrated with breathing to release jaw tension and other tensions from neuromuscular areas of the face, head and neck.

Exfoliating Facial Therapy

Peels away dry skin cells and eliminates deeply-trapped secretions that obstruct oxygenation. Marine sediments, mineral salts, and lipoamino acids can be employed to boost circulation and add moisture.

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