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Bach Cures

Created by Edward Bach in the early 1900s, Bach Flower Remedies is a system of flower essences used in conjunction with herbs, homeopathy, and medications that seeks to correct emotional imbalances by working on the subtle body instead of the physical body.

Balinese Massage

Positioned above the patient, the Balinese practitioner performs a combination of kneading strokes, skin rolling, and foot massage. Therapy is followed by an application of coconut oil infused with spices.

Barbara Brennan Healing Science

Created by Barbara Brennan, it is a spiritual healing system that seeks to reorganize and invigorate the patient’s energy field. Using hands-on methods and other approaches, the healer works to clear the field of unhealthy and blocked energies, charge depleted zones and repair distorted patterns.

Belavi Facial Massage

A sequence of massage methods using acupressure points, lymphatic drainage strokes and facial massage strokes, Belavi Facial Massage is designed to firm sagging skin, boost blood and oxygen, release toxins and soften lines. The treatment also consists of cleansing, exfoliating and hot towel wraps.


Chosen for its integration of herbal treatment, light massage and exfoliation, Bindi shows how the art of bodywork can both relax tired muscles and leave the skin refreshed and glowing.


Method in which patients are trained to gain some voluntary control over certain physiological conditions, such as blood pressure and muscle tension, to promote relaxation. Thermal biofeedback helps patients consciously raise hand temperature, which may decrease the number and intensity of headaches.


Created by Mark Lamm, Biosync is a sophisticated system of neuromuscular rehabilitation and re-education, and has been successful with a broad range of muscular and trauma-linked challenges. It is complementary with existing medical and rehabilitative treatments.

Body Alignment

Refers to the orientation of the body relative to its axis. Ideal body alignment promotes an evenly distributed musculo-skeletal symmetry. The technique was developed by Jeff Levin.

Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy

A hands-on, drugless, non-invasive technique of alleviating muscle-related pain, Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy emphasizes a quick, cost-effective recovery and active patient participation for long-term relief.

Bowen Technique

Is system of gentle but powerful soft tissue mobilization that affects the body both structurally and energetically to restore its self-healing mechanisms. It is painless, noninvasive, safe to use on anyone, and provides relief for several acute or chronic ailments. It was developed by Thomas A. Bowen.

Brain Gym

Created by Paul and Gail Dennison, Brain Gym is a sensorimotor program centered on research by educational therapists, developmental optometrists and other specialists in the fields of movement, education and child development.

Breast Massage

Method that entails specific kneading, rubbing, and/or squeezing strokes applied to the soft tissue of the breast to augment lymph and blood circulation. The practice of breast massage should be in conjunction with regular self-breast exams.

Breath Therapy

The use of respiratory exercises to open lung passages, oxygenate the blood and cleanse the body by removing gaseous toxins. The patient is encouraged to breathe deeply while the therapist works the proper muscles. It can ease anxiety and decrease stress.

Breema Bodywork

Is a whole body treatment that consists of an organized pattern of stretches, brushes and natural rhythms which dissolve rigidity and tension within the body. Other benefits include an increase in vitality, relaxation, naturalness, and clarity within the mind.

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