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Bath pillow massagers are waterproof massage cushions that are taken into the bath with you and have a built-in massage mechanism. They are a unique alternative to a form of self-massage therapy that offers complete comfort and relaxation.

The pillows are made of a washable material that has a slip resistant surface. This way, your head stays where it should be while you’re relaxing in the bath tub. The pillows are made of highly durable materials so that they can travel almost anywhere with you, making them ideal for the beach, hot tub, or pool.

The built-in massager is fully waterproof and is battery operated. Most of the bath pillow massagers run on a couple of size C batteries. The vibrations created by the massaging mechanism gently soothe and relax your neck and head. This is a great massage tool for people who frequently suffer from neck problems and migraines. Depending on the specific pillow, some styles actually have raised nodes that deliver an even deeper and more invigorating massage. Furthermore, the pillows sometimes have the option of setting the massage vibration at different speeds.


Bath pillow massagers are available in a variety of colors, shapes, designs, and sizes, allowing for you to choose a unique pillow that suits your style. With a simple battery operation, the pillows are very low maintenance making it easy for anyone to use them. All you have to do is lay back and relax! The pillow will do the work for you.

Some bath pillow massagers will also come with special features. For example, some massaging pillows come available with handheld, portable massagers. These are tiny battery operated, vibrating massagers that fit into the palm of your hand. They are ideal for travel as they can be used anytime, anywhere. They are good for targeting specific problem areas on the body.

The most beneficial bath massage pillows are ones that have a special contour design and shape to support the neck and head. This way, the pillow provides protection from strain and stress while the user is in the bath tub. Another handy option to look for when choosing a bath massage pillow is one that has suction cups on the back of the pillow. This prevents the pillow from slipping around on you, because it can be attached directly to the tubs surface. And just like any other self-care massage tool, massage pillows typically come with a warranty.

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