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Bamboo massage training offers a deep-tissue massage sot out by so many without leaving the therapist exhausted and in pain. Train in heated bamboo massage and you will find you are able to perform the deep-tissue massage your clients are looking for without the added strain to your arms and wrists. The heated bamboo and increased pressure allows you to manipulate the muscles in a way that gives the client the pressure they seek while saving your hands and wrist from injury.



While it is believed that bamboo has been used for centuries as a massage tool, no one is certain where or when it originated. The bamboo massage commonly found throughout North America has been made popular by Nathalie Cecilia, a registered massage therapist. Nathalie found the constant pressure to her hands and wrists painful and started incorporating bamboo into her routine. From there she developed the techniques you will learn and that are found in most spas.


All of the tools you will use for the heated bamboo massage are made of either bamboo or rattan. They range in size from a few inches long to two feet in length. You will learn to heat the bamboo, using a covered heating pad. Oil or cream is first spread by hand over the skin, then you will take the bamboo and use it to massage and manipulate the muscles. Rotating the tools back to the heating pad allows you to always have a warm tool ready.


Bamboo is a natural product with little allergic reaction and anti-bacterial properties. This benefits both you and your client. The bamboo will not irritate the skin or leave any chemicals on the skin. The anti-bacterial properties do not allow bacterial growth, reducing the chance of illness. Your clean up will be easy, using disinfecting wipes meant for the face or hands. Wipe the wooden pieces down and allow it to dry. Change the sheets, towels and the cover on the heated pad. Your ready for the next client. bamboo is also light weight which allows you to be portable. Take your tools to another massage room or for a home or office visit.


There are several benefits for both client and practitioner. This form of massage provides heat to the muscles aiding in relaxation, helping to melt away stress. The smooth surface of the bamboo is a luxurious feeling and is often hard to tell the difference between your hands and the tools you are using. With the use of the bamboo tools you are able to provide deep tissue manipulation which increases circulation, breaks down toxins and eases aches and pains. Use these tools and ease the pressure and fatigue while avoiding repetitive injury on your arms, wrists and hands. It is important to protect yourself from injury.

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