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A backnobber is a massage tool created as a form of self therapy. It is one of the latest tools designed for deep tissue massage and self care. It is used to relieve the symptoms of pain and tension that are the result of conditions such as injuries, physical strain, occupational stress, bursitis, and arthritis. This self care tool can be used as a massage treatment on its own, or as a complimentary therapy along with other medicines and professional treatment.

The original backnobber is in the shape of an “S” and it is made out of a strong, polymer composite. It works by hooking one of the two arms of the tool either under your arm, or over your shoulder, so that one of the ends can be pressed into the body. The person than manipulates the Backnobber from the front using their hands so that it is pressed into the muscles of the lower or upper back. Because of its shape, it easily massages all the hard to reach areas of the back. The unique shape of the tool also allows the user to apply as much or as little pressure as they desire to relieve their back tension. Each end of the tool has a different knob, giving the user two different options during the massage, each having their own unique feel.

The backnobber is quick and easy to use and can by done by anyone. It can be taken apart into two pieces for easy storage and travel, and locks back into place when reassembled. It will easily fit into an overnight bag or briefcase, making it the perfect self-massage tool for athletes, travelers, office workers, and people who are always on the go.

The massage tool can be used as long as one likes, or as long as it takes to relieve their back pain. The only issue that may be a problem is that with long use, the arms may become tired as they stay extended during the procedure to manipulate the device. The backnobber is a bit pricier than other massage tools, but this is due to its unique, self-massaging design and its satisfying results. It is available in a variety of colors to suit each person’s individual tastes, and comes with a fully illustrated instruction guide on how to perform the massage techniques and stretching exercises.

The backnobber is a unique self-massage tool that allows you to finally take control over your own pain!

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