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There are a number of back extension and spinal decompression machines available on the marketplace. Most pieces of equipment that focus on extension and decompression involve a form of inversion therapy.

Inversion tables are specially designed massage tables that securely strap the user onto the table and then they are inverted to varying degrees. The purpose of inversion therapy is to counteract the long-term effects of gravity on the back and spine by allowing the body to stretch with gravity, rather than against it. It causes the spine to decompress.

Inversion tables invert to 90 degrees and will then lock into place, but it can also be set at degrees of lesser amounts such as 45 degrees. If the idea of complete inversion makes you uncomfortable, there are a number of other arch and back stretching benches that are available that do not fully invert the user. Many of these back stretching systems are portably and easy to assemble. They also fold up neatly for easy storage.


Back extension and spinal decompression machines and inversion tables are a natural, beneficial way of increasing circulation, reducing back pain, and alleviating muscles tension and stress from the body. Back extension and decompression is an easy way to relieve back pain and it only takes ten minutes a day to live a more comfortable lifestyle.

With a typical decompression and extension machine, the machine places the body in a 90/90 degree position. That is, firstly the user lays out face down on a horizontal bench. Then the user bends at the waist so that the top half of their body is hanging down towards the ground. This creates the first 90degree angle in the body. The other 90 degree angle is formed when you bend the legs up at the knee, forming another angle between the back and the lower legs. Putting the body in this 90/90 degree position is the best position for decompression. It allows the body to achieve optimal muscle performance during back extensions because the back is now working with gravity. The placement of the legs helps to avoid hyper extension during the exercises. There are handles down near the bottom of the machine for you to grab onto while inverted. You can use them to stretch and rotate the upper body while in this position.

The machines are self-operated and can be adjusted to support users of various sizes and heights. They are equipped with sturdy lap support to hold the body in place while completing the exercises and stretches. Back extension and decompression machines are made of a sturdy steel frame to provide ultimate safety and strength. There are padded sections that offer support and they can be removed and washed when necessary. Most exercise equipment also comes with some kind of warranty.

Back extension and spinal decompression help reduce rotational and compression fatigue, improve lymph and blood flow circulation, provide stress reduction, and encourage total body rejuvenation.

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