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What is Ayurvedic Spa?

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old Eastern Indian medicinal philosophy that literally translates as "science of life" from the ancient Sanskrit words "ayur" (life) and "veda" In Ayurveda, health is a state of balance between body, mind and consciousness. Ayurvedic spas offer a range of services and treatments based on this ancient Indian and Sri Lankan science of life. It is also a spa in which all treatments and products are natural and it's often used as alternative medicine. Ayurveda spas should offer a true Avurvedic health experience, with trained Ayurveda practitioners, and authentic treatments.

The General Treatments in Ayurvedic Spa

The Spa offers the following treatment options based in the centuries-old science of panchakarma:


A one or two-person choreographed warm herbal oil massage that is designed to bring nourishment to the tissues, deep relaxation to the muscles and calmness to the mind.


Warm, dosha-specific oils and herbs are beautifully streamed over the forehead, which works specifically on balancing and stabilizing the activity of the mind.


Follow your warm oil massage with an exquisite herbal steam treatment that will leave you feeling clear, rejuvenated and deeply moisturized.

Bliss Therapyi

This 2 1/2-hour therapy is a combination of Abhyanga, Shirodhara, and Swedana that takes the mind, body, and spirit on an inner journey of relaxation and mental purification.

Marma Point Massage

Massage of the power points of the body with essential oil balances the flow of energy through the muscles, joints and organs of the body.

Ayurvedic Facial

The Ayurvedic Facial not only leaves your face cleansed and moisturized, it brings you to a state of deep relaxation and peace, so that you naturally shine from the inside out. At the Pancha karmai Center, we pay attention to the finest and most subtle details to ensure that your skin's unique needs are met.

Basti (Dough Dams)

A raised circle of dough containing medicated herbal oils within its center is applied to different parts of the body. Each preparation is unique for each person and each desired result, for example, heart health, back pain.

Yoga Nidrai

A traditional yogic guided meditation technique for creating deep relaxation and increasing attunement to the subtle energies of the body. Yoga nidra brings balance to the body and mind.

How to Choosing Ayurvedic Spa

When choosing an ayurvedic spa, the spa goer will want to consider her goals for the visit. The spa goer may have health or medical issues she would like to have addressed, and should look for a spa that offers treatments for those conditions. A spa goer may look for services such as pancha karma purification treatments, marma point manipulation, color and gem therapy, or another ayurvedic therapy.

The Therapists in Ayurvedic Spa

In general, Ayurvedic therapists require many years of training. they diagnose illnesses and imbalances through darsana (observing the way a person moves, walks and behaves); sparsana (touching) and prasna, (asking questions). The goal of Ayurveda is detoxification and restoration of one's overall balance.

The Diet in Ayurvedic Spa

There are many ayurvedic spas offer food that is aligned with the three types of vital energies, also known as the doshas. The food is often vegetarian, and choices may be limited to the spa goer's dosha type. Some spas will not have coffee or alcoholic beverages available. A spa goer may wish to understand the menu and determine if she is comfortable with it before choosing her destination.

Spas Can offer Ayurveda Treatments in China

Here are some of the spas that do offer more authentic Ayurveda treatments and programs:

Peninsula Spa

The peninsula Spa brings a fresh new approach to Shanghai, steping into a dream world where ivory and navy tones complement the heated dark wood floors. Come in for a massage, facial, wrap, make-up application, or, best of all, take an all-day spa "journey" and spend the entire day lounging around and getting pampered. Spa Director Richard Williams notes, “What makes this package so unique is that the services are always bespoke and tailored to the guest's needs by our most highly skilled and trained therapists.”

Chuan Spa

To enter the Moon Gate and start a spa journey at Chuan Spa is to step back in time to a world where your wellbeing is infinitely more important than anything else. Designed to gently nurture your Jing (life force), Qi (vital energy) and Shen (mind and spirit), our Chinese garden-themed ambience will liberate your reflective Yin side from its more active Yang counterpart. Its range of services include traditional Chinese and other Asian-influenced massages, body scrubs, skin exfoliation, facials and other treatments designed to alleviate fatigue and exhaustion.

Bamboo Leaf Retreat

it is the best choice for you to forget urban noise, in our fresh, comfortable and elegant environment, enjoy your personal favourite professional full body massage and foot massage. With complimentary Tea, Fruits and snacks, plus our professional excellent service team, to make sure your 100% calm in our rich Chinese characteristics massage care centre.

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