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The beauty of massage is there's always more to learn. Advanced massage training improves the care you can offer your clients. There are many areas of specialized massage, including sports massage, reflexology, acupressure and deep tissue massage. There are massage techniques designed for pregnancy, the elderly and those living with cancer. The more you know about massage, the greater range of clients you can serve. Advanced massage training improves your client base as well as your care techniques. For massage therapists, education is never done. The average massage therapist does 25 hours of continuing education per year.


Swedish Massage

Common in advanced massage training, this massage is designed to relax your muscles. Pressure is applied on the muscles and the bones to enhance oxygen flow to the blood and flush toxins from the body. The massage process flushes out lactic acid, uric acid and other toxins from body tissues. These techniques work to stimulate the nervous system for stress relief.

Reflexology Massage

This advanced massage course alleviates the imbalances in the hands and feet. The therapy releases blockages to free energy flow to specific areas of the body and organs by stimulating points on the feet and hands. Using a focused form of acupressure, reflexology improves circulation, detoxes the blood and improves nerve feeling. Though the techniques are focused on hands and feet, the process benefits the entire body.

Deep Tissue Massage

Designed for clinical applications, deep tissue massage locates trigger points, pain patterns and pressure points with strongly applied pressure. Slow, deep strokes are used to create friction along the muscles to release chronic tension.

Shiatsu Massage

Using the principles of Chinese medicine, this advanced massage training applies strong pressure to focal points on the body using the palms, fingers, thumbs and elbows. It directs energy (chi) to flow between meridians or connected channels of the body to relieve pain, improve healing, alleviate stress and prevent disease.

Massage and Cancer

Some courses offer massage techniques specifically designed for working with cancer patients. Courses focus on considerations regarding medical conditions and devices, as well as massage techniques designed for those going through chemotherapy or surgery.

Pregnancy Massage

Only certain techniques are safe for a woman in the third trimester of pregnancy. Safe and effective pregnancy massage uses the right positioning and techniques tailored to pregnant women and their changing bodies.

Sports Massage

This is an advanced massage done on athletes before, during and after athletic activities. The techniques prepare the athlete for peak performance, alleviate fatigue, promote flexibility and prevent injury.

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