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Acupuncture training course in China will uniquely develop your knowledge, skills and insights of acupuncture in a short period, cultivating your skills as a professional acupuncturist and developing them from your prior life experience.


Teaching Objects

  • This acupuncture training course is provided for those foreign learners that want to become professional acupuncturist as well as learners who are interested in acupuncture.

Class Contents

  • Basic theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), yin-yang and five elements and physiological and pathological process of body.
  • Manipulation techniques of four diagnostic methods of TCM and indications of diagnosis.
  • Study of location and indications of points, 120 commonly points including location, indications, clinical application and method.
  • Practical skills of acupuncture techniques such as insertion, manipulation, retaining and withdrawal of needle.
  • Learn to apply the theories that learners have studied to analyze diseases, grasp the diagnosis, differentiation and treatment of 25 commonly seen clinical diseases.

Teaching Methods

  • Theoretical study in the classroom
  • Clinical training in the hospital
  • Group Discussion
  • Interactive Learning

Class Size

  • Class is given in small group with about 10 students in one group.
  • Class Time and Length
  • Class time: Class begins at the middle of each month
  • Class length: two months for about 250 hours of theoretical and clinical training.


  • On completion of the course, certificate will be issued to those who have passed the examinations (middle, final & clinical).

Tuition Fee

  • 2,500 USD per students (accommodation and food fee should be paid additionally)
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