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Acupressure rollers are specially designed rollers that work to stimulate the pressure points of the body, as they follow the principles of traditional Chinese acupressure therapy. They are a great piece of massage equipment used on their own, or in combination with professional acupressure treatment.

The middle section of the rollers is composed of a series of small bumps that are designed to stimulate the body and the energy pathways when rolled across the skin. It looks like a series of bumpy round spheres placed in the middle of a horizontal bar. At either end of the roller bar is a smooth area with no bumps that are used as the handles. All you have to do is lie on your stomach and have someone roll the acupressure roller up and down your back. Clothing does not have to be removed as the rollers are designed to work over thin layers of clothing. Wearing a simple t-shirt will do just fine. The actual design of each specific roller will also vary depending on the company. Some have the design of a vertical bar, which is used as the handle, with the roller placed at one end.


The acupressure rollers are a great tool for body massage, especially for all areas of the lower, middle, and upper back. They are a great way to reduce stress after a long day at work. As the roller is moved across your back, it may create a tingling sensation across your skin, or even evoke goose bumps. This is a good sign that the pressure points of the back are being stimulated and placing you into a state of deep relaxation.

The rollers are available in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and different weight categories. The heavier the weight of the roller, the more pressure the massage tool will be applying to the body. Usually the acupressure rollers are designed to be use used on the back, but some are available for the feet as well.

Acupressure rollers are produced out of a number of different materials. Some rollers are made out of a type of soft plastic or rubber, but most of them are wooden. Some rollers actually have built-in magnets which add to the relaxing experience. The spheres on the rollers containing the magnets roll on each side of the spine and stimulate the nerves of the skin. The nerve stimulation increases energy flow through the body helping you feel better overall.

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